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The Konami Code

Posted May 13, 2009

Sign in to Facebook and press (or "mash") these keys: UP arrow, UP arrow, DOWN arrow, DOWN arrow, LEFT arrow, RIGHT arrow, LEFT arrow, RIGHT arrow, B, A and press ENTER.  A fancy lens flare will pop up whenever you type or scroll.

This, my friends, is the Konami Code.  It's a cheat code that appears in a lot of video games.  Facebook is one of many sites that has dropped in the code.  Here are some others.

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  • axepack May 13, 2009

    Pretty funny stuff Brian. I remember using that code tons when I was a kid. One site that your link didn't mention was It was discovered a few weeks ago by the guys at There's a link to the story here:

    It was fixed as soon as it was discovered, but there are still a few pages that haven't been discovered yet by their coders. Funny stuff!

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