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Disney cost-cutting

Posted April 28, 2009

A Swedish teenager put together a YouTube video from several classic Disney films, showing how animators apparently reuse work in different movies.

Do you care?

(Thanks to Nate Johnson in the Weather Center for sending me this one!)


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  • m0nky Apr 28, 2009

    i can get behind that reasoning, thefensk.

    like i said, it doesn't detract from the movie but it does detract from some of the awe i used to have for animating those scenes.

  • thefensk Apr 28, 2009

    Well, "cutting corners" is kind of a misnomer in this context. You have to remember that in the days before enhanced computerized graphics, cartoons were a true work of art, produced by artists painstakingly creating each subsequent cell to produce each subtle part of a movement. Movement is repetitive, so do they need to start from scratch with every new movement? No, they use established templates as guides, hence the similarities. I have news for you, they do the same thing in computer enhanced graphics, but they are able to create many more templates so the similarities are not so easily spotted. In fact, they use "live" models to digitize those movements so they are actually more blatantly copying.

    Scene re-use and the use of stock footage has always been quite common in movies, especially lower budget films. Old western chase scenes are a great example.

  • m0nky Apr 28, 2009

    pretty ridiculous if you ask me. i mean i understand the need to cut corners to save money but that just seems lazy to me. it doesn't detract from the movies in my opinion but if you stop and think about all the "adult humor" the animators had time to slip into most of these classics it makes you wonder. They had time to insert a picture of a topless woman in a seen of the Rescuers ( but not time to come up with an original dance scene after snow white?

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