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Hubble's greatest hits

Posted April 2, 2009

The Telegraph of London has put together a nice slideshow of the Hubble Space Telescope's coolest pictures. Can you believe Hubble is almost 20 years old?

On the 8 a.m. news, I mentioned that NASA touches up the pictures from Hubble, adding those brilliant colors.  A viewer sent me a note, saying it's not just to make the images look nice.  The colors represent different elements in the object.  For instance, he says, red denotes iron. 


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  • gator nation gal Apr 2, 2009


  • curiousgeorgia Apr 2, 2009

    What the other two said! Wowwwww!

  • thecatsmeow Apr 2, 2009

    Fascinating! Thanks Brian.

  • m0nky Apr 2, 2009

    awesome find, brian.

    whats even cooler is to realize that the images in those pictures happened thousands to millions of years ago and the light is just now reaching our planet.


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