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Marine crocheting

Posted January 15, 2009

If you're into crochet, but looking for some inspiration -- how about this?  It's a crochet coral reef.

Now, that's a conversation-starter.



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  • brassy Jan 15, 2009

    I thought the same thing...military personnel learning crochet. It's certainly good for stress relief.

  • ncteacher22 Jan 15, 2009

    Yah, I was fooled by the title.....thought the Marines had taken up chochet!

  • curiousgeorgia Jan 15, 2009

    Here is the link to the hyperbolic crochet:

  • pwilliamson53 Jan 15, 2009

    Awesome job. That was so amazing to see. But like AuntySocial, I was expecting to see a man busy with hook and yarn in hand.

  • curiousgeorgia Jan 15, 2009

    That's cool! There are free patterns for similar corals on Lion Brand yarns website. Also, check out there for hyperbolic equations in crochet, it is wild! I can't remember the mathematician's name, but I seem to think she came from Lithuania to the States.

  • goodguy1977 Jan 15, 2009

    Shouldn't there also be a velvet Elvis showcased on the walls above the crochet art?

  • AuntySocial Jan 15, 2009

    From the title of your entry, I was expecting to see some big burly Marine getting busy with a crochet hook and some yarn. Cool pics.

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