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Kitten vs. toothbrush

Posted October 6, 2008

I wonder if this kitten opposes dental care in general, or maybe it is advocating for old-fashioned elbow grease in the tooth-brushing process. 


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  • Sparklebutt Oct 6, 2008

    Who doesn't get a case of the warm fuzzies when they watch kitten/cat videos?? Cats rule!! They make the greatest movie stars!! Although, our cat (Katy) only does cute or funny stuff at the precise moment when my hubby and I are the furthest away from the camera. By the time we run off to get the camera, and then run back, she's all done being cute/funny. It just figures, doesn't it? Anyways, here's a kitten video that is sure to give you a case of the warm fuzzies, and make you go "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!". Enjoy!

  • FairPlay Oct 6, 2008

    Too cute!!! I was having a bad Monday and I clicked on this while my boss was going off about the stupidist thing. Makes ya feel good!!!!!!

  • Brian Shrader Oct 6, 2008

    When we talked about this video on the morning news, Elizabeth said if this video didn't make you feel warm and fuzzy, then the weather might force us to pull out the "warm, fuzzy" sweaters this week.

    Since then, I've been singing "Coat of Many Kittens," to the tune of Dolly Parton's brilliant "Coat of Many Colors."

    Make of this what you will. Help me rewrite the lyrics here in the comments area.

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