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Cat vs. printer

Posted September 19, 2008

Here's a fine video of a cat trying to do a threat assessment on a printer, but I think the added sound effects detract.  Artistic missteps notwithstanding, please enjoy.


Friends, I'm off on vacation for a few days.  After booking the trip, I realized that I'm going to miss the Greek Festival in Raleigh this year.  I almost canceled the trip.  If you haven't been to the Greek Festival -- go!  You'll love it.


Have some spanakopita for me -- and I'll see you Wednesday




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  • thefensk Sep 19, 2008

    yeah, the extra sound effects are not needed. My cat spends all day with me in my home office and he is endlessly fascinated with the printer and with the fax machine. I don't torture him with repeated head alignment operations though, like they are apparently doing in this video.

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