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Posted September 2, 2008

Who knows what caused this?  Name-calling?  Taunts? 

If you ever wondered why you should never cross a cat, watch the video.



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  • edits Sep 3, 2008

    Shrader, you are very funny!

  • thefensk Sep 2, 2008

    I don't know, cats are easily ticked off. First thing you know somebody says something about the other's mother and then the fur starts flying.

    The really funy one, though is on one of the other videos on the same youtube group ... there is some dubbing in some other language, arabic I think, that is hilarious.

  • Brian Shrader Sep 2, 2008

    Appman, I'm a very average 5'9". TV apparently adds weight -- AND diminishes height. I'm not sure what long-term exposure will mean.

  • domesticgoddess Sep 2, 2008

    We have 2 cats. One can be submissive and the other aggressive. In a stare down the aggressive cat usually attacks the submissive cat. They could have been calling each other names using ESP.(extra sensory perception)

  • APPMAN Sep 2, 2008

    Hey Brian,

    Off the subject, but how tall r u? I saw you on the news with the guy who had the artificial grass and you looked tall. I always thought you were short.

  • bigdeck Sep 2, 2008

    Very kewl

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