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Up on the roof

Posted August 11, 2008

Many of us enjoy sitting on the porch.  When you live in New York City, the porch isn't always an option.

Someone compiled a cool Flickr set of some Big Apple rooftop oases.  I'm sure the views are amazing, but there's no way to escape the noise.  I have found that height only slightly dulls the din of the city. 



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  • Mommyoftwo Aug 11, 2008

    Brian - Don't sell the experience short! All the fancy furniture and "landscaping" isn't necessary for a great night on the rooftops! Many a day lying on "tar beach" and then at night having a HUGE dance floor under the stars.

    I would never move back to NY but I do have great memories!

  • NCSUPackfan Aug 11, 2008

    Those are cool. I remember years back I went out on the observation deck at the WTC and you could look down on one building nearby in lower manhattan, there was a runway and airport with planes on the roof. it was so cool.

  • ghimmy51 Aug 11, 2008

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