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Cool or Goofy?

Posted April 8, 2008

Check out this video of the Jumpbike.  It's an Italian invention, but the Web site doesn't indicate that it's for sale anywhere. 

It appears that you run, then jump on the "bike" (it's really a tricycle) and ride it for a while. 

Is it a cool, new way to get around, or is it goofy? 


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  • Kelbad1 Apr 8, 2008

    Cheeeeeesssyy lol! Who would want one of those? The guy definitely looks goofy doing that. I'll pass if they ever come up for sale in stores. And yes, an accident on one of those? oooooooo bad ouchy

  • Huey Apr 8, 2008

    Sort of cool and sort of goofy too I guess. I like the music!
    I'd be scared to try this type thing. Looks like something that
    could lead to pain and suffering should you have an accident.
    I don't think it will catch on much but who knows - I never could
    understand the hulla hoop craze either.

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