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The Tiny World Around Us

Posted February 19, 2008

Wired Magazine has a great gallery of wonderful nanoscale images, taken with a scanning tunneling microscope.  According to the site, the microsocope is:

"...a 1986 invention that won its creators the Nobel Prize. STMs pass an electrical probe over a substance, allowing scientists to visualize regions of high electron density and infer the position of individual atoms and molecules."

Yes.  Well.   Enjoy!


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  • m0nky Feb 19, 2008

    trying to even fathom those kinds of distances makes the brain hurt a bit.

  • Brian Shrader Feb 19, 2008

    Good ones, m0nky. Speaking to your point...check out this scale map of the universe:

  • m0nky Feb 19, 2008

    if i could edit that i'd make those links...

  • m0nky Feb 19, 2008

    I prefer the opposite direction Brian. That stuff is small but have you thought about how tiny we are in comparison to the rest of the galaxy? Check these pictures out for a total mind job.

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