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Streets of the Triangle

Posted February 12, 2008

Several months ago, I showed you the new Street View feature on Google Maps.  It allows you to look at 360-degree panoramic views from city streets across the nation.

The company just added those street-level views for Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.   Just look up an address, click on the "Street View" button, then click on the icon.  You can use your mouse to click and drag to look around the panoramic view.  To look at a different street, click on the orange man, then drag him to one of the blue-outlined streets.

For an example, here's a look at WRAL's building on Street View.

Of course, many people are concerned about privacy.  The Street View feature includes images from just about every street in the area -- including neighborhoods and homes.  Indeed, pictures of almost every building in the county (along with lots of additional information) is available on Wake County's Web site.  Most opponents are concerned about seeing faces and license plates on the street-level images. 

Google points out that these are pictures taken from public streets.  Also, these are not live images; they're captured whenever the Google truck rolls down the street.  We don't know how often the company plans to update their images. 

Google wants to have Street View images for all over the world, but they're starting with major cities right now.  You can browse through streets for 23 U.S. cities.  The Tufts University newspaper says homeland security concerns have delayed street-level views of Washington, DC.


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  • jowilker Feb 13, 2008

    I spent about an hour looking around Creedmoor, and could tell that the mapping was done here before the last election cycle, so they are a few months old. Found it interesting to be able to turn off main st. go past the city municipal bld. turn at the next two corners and come back and see the back side. I could tell by some shadowing that the images were taken from a small car with a roof top mounted camera on a short pole.

    You could see the garage doors open at the BP on main st and cars in the bay, but not be able to id the person standing outside.

    Click in street view first and then satellite and get an overhead view. The addressing system is off a little too.

    Good one Brian.

  • mama2brianna Feb 13, 2008

    lol private

  • Gerbil Herder Feb 13, 2008

    Take a new picture of my house; it shows my ex-girlfriend's car in the driveway.

  • allison842 Feb 12, 2008

    This is kind of scary!! If they eventually update it several times a day, that could be quite an invasion of privacy. The first instance that comes to mind is if some abusive husband is on a business trip and looks up his wife's (or ex-wife's) home and sees a car there that he doesn't like, that could be extremely dangerous. That's just one far-fetched example, but bad things could happen with this. I don't like it.

    I say just get a picture of the road ONCE and do not update it for years unless new buildings have come up or the road has been widened, etc.

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