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Ducks on an Escalator

Posted February 7, 2008

One of my great pet peeves is when able-bodied people "ride" an escalator.  The escalator operates on the same theory as the moving sidewalk -- it's to speed your trip between floors.  You should step on the escalator and continue to walk up or down the stairs.  It's not a ride. 

These poor ducks at a mall (?) understand this concept, but the physics just aren't working for them.


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  • Brian Shrader Feb 7, 2008

    I suppose you have a point there. I accept no responsibility for readers who injure themselves on escalators.

    I push for a policy of more escalators -- including some climb-at-your-own-risk units.

  • Smokin Feb 7, 2008

    The ducks were funny. However, your suggestion to continue to walk up the steps as the escalator is moving is very dangerous. It's easy to become disoriented and fall. The safest way is to indeed RIDE the thing. It becomes even more dangerous when people who believe they have to get to the top a fraction of a second faster pass those who ARE riding the escalator as intended.

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