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Kitty Overcomes Baby Gate

Posted July 5, 2007

This morning's video of the day is from Yahoo -- and it's of a cat that surmounts a baby gate.

Judging from the comments on Yahoo's page, some folks think it's doctored.  Looks legit to me.


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  • lolly Jul 5, 2007

    cute. I've had cats all my life. Once, I had a big cat that had an 8 foot vertical leap. It looked like she was levitating.

  • skyway27 Jul 5, 2007

    cats crack me up - you never know what they'll do next!!!

  • Brian Shrader Jul 5, 2007

    Get it on video, and I'll show it! ;)

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Jul 5, 2007

    Oh, and one of my cats lived on top of a 6-ft bookshelf for a while. How did he get up there? He climbed the stepladder leaning against the wall next to it! I saw him do it many times.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Jul 5, 2007

    Oh please - my cats would scoff at such a wimpy obstacle. I have seen them routinely jump straight up onto a 4-drawer dresser from a standing start and the kitchen counter to the top of the refrigerator is just child's, uh, kitten's play. One of my cats prefers to jump over the 4 ft (?) fence around my yard rather than walk through the gate. I can totally believe this video, in fact, I don't see anything remarkable about it.

  • thefensk Jul 5, 2007

    Well, the cat didn't understand it I guess -- so much for being graceful.

    We have a very agressive new cat and stack three gates in doorways to keep him away from the other two more gentle cats we have had for a while. But this is the type of gate with criss-cross plastic netting, not the bar-type in this video. This allows them to hiss and sniff and meow at each other while they supposedly "get to know" each other. We left for a short time last week and set it up-the first and only time we've done this while away. This is three-high, mind you, with about 4 inches open at the top. We came home and, uh, there he was in the den ON THE OTHER SIDE. The other cats were nowhere to be seen (they were safely hidden -- they know the rest of the house better than he does). Can only assume he scaled the 6 feet+ of plastic webbing like a ladder, had just enough room to scoot through, and jumped down. That must have been a scream.

    Hmmm, need a motion-detector nannie cam.

  • beauty comes from within Jul 5, 2007

    Poor cat! Looks like it hurt.

  • coolmusicmom Jul 5, 2007

    I have a baby gate that was purchased just for my cats. In my cats' younger years, they would scale the gate but their back paws would touch the top ledge first! Funny video! Squeezing through the bars were also an option. Head first??? I have never seen that from a cat before!:) What ever happened to always landing on your feet!

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