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Enloe cancels homecoming events

Posted September 26, 2008

— So few students bought tickets to the Enloe High School homecoming dance that the event has been canceled, school leaders announced Friday.

A homecoming pep rally and tailgating party were also canceled.


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  • Rancarbay Sep 26, 2008

    Class of '85 here. Things sure have changed. I can say we had spirit back then, and lots of it!!! We had parades, dances and so much more. "Sheila E" show. I would love to take my children back to watch a game, but to be frank, I am scared for their safety and for mine as well with all that you read about the school now. The school was a great school. Sad to hear it that kids today will never know what "the good ol days" were and not be able to tell their own children how much fun it was to grow up and all the fun things that they did in school. I can bet you none of them today can say that they put the principal's car in the front hallway of the East Building for her birthday. It really is sad how everything is nowadays.

  • down by the pond Sep 26, 2008

    It is simply as others have said,,,,no connection to school, It is not in their community,,,,Wake county does not get it ,,, but other counties do and always have read this:

    John Cooper of the U.S. Department of Agriculture speaks to about 200 parents, students, teachers and community members who came to celebrate the official opening of the High School Monday evening. ‘In Sampson, a community school is the most important thing in the community,’ state Rep. James Langdon Jr. said. ‘It builds the future.’ -Daily Record Photo/David Anderson Jr.
    for those of you who want to read what a community school is all about go to dunn daily record and read about a new high school and see the community support,,,, no this is not my county, but a neighbor county,,,iF wake county would get off it s "high horse" and let the COMMUNITIES have their schools back,,,,just think what might happen,,, Pride, Interest, INvolvement,,,,,let the community define its own DIVERSITY !

  • OhBella Sep 26, 2008

    I always thought Enloe was a top school..now I know I would never send my kids there. A co-workers son had seven youths attempt to rob him while he was leaving campus and I have heard of several serious fights lately.

  • BIGCHEESECAMATO Sep 26, 2008

    Thank goodness. School is full of nothing but trouble, gangs and other things. Maybe they should just stay home and study since Triangle Town Center Mall is not going to let them in..... Stay Home, study, get good grades, go to college and have a life....

  • dwntwnboy Sep 26, 2008

    Oceanchild took the words out of my mouth. Enloe class of 88 here, and it's true. The students are so far flung from the school that they have no connection to each other. We have our 20th class reunion this year and I can honestly say it means nothing to me.

  • inquistitor Sep 26, 2008

    Sense when does Homecoming come with a fee. Pep Rallies were in the gym before the big game and the tailgate parties were byof. This is just stupid.

  • firedude Sep 26, 2008

    It may be because the students have no connection with each other. With the school districting students have no neighborhood connection with the school or their friends there.

  • tbfromnc Sep 26, 2008

    What the school should do is offer the tickets (and advertise) to
    the older alumni from 1964 on. I was in the class of 1969, this might appeal to some of the older folks.

  • mom2allstar Sep 26, 2008

    how is this news??

  • wakemom Sep 26, 2008

    they could have atleast kept the pep rally