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Engineer: Hope Mills residents must accept dam height

Posted September 16, 2008

— The chief engineer of the new Hope Mills dam said residents will have to accept the height originally agreed upon.

Residents who live around the lake voiced concerns about the restored lake being lower than before, saying it will have a big impact on docks and swimming areas.

Torrential rains on Memorial Day 2003 washed away the lake's earthen dam, and the town spent years trying to finance a new dam. Construction of a $9.8 million concrete dam was completed earlier this year, and the town began refilling the lake in June. The lake was filled up last month when the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay dumped rain in the area.

The engineer met with town leaders Monday night about lake level concerns. He said there was nothing he could do to change the level, unless the town wants to spend more money.


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  • whocares Sep 16, 2008

    Give me a break. If all these people have to whine over is the level of this lake, they must be living somewhere else than the rest of us. There are more important things going on in the world than 1 foot of water. If the banks fail or the economy lies in ruins, what are they going to do with the house on the lake?

  • bs101fly Sep 16, 2008

    hey reisdents, deal with it, they're not about to make any changes. just take the dishes off the wall and cope!

  • ChuckD Sep 16, 2008

    People with property on the lake pay water front property taxes...which is STEEP!! From what I understand, even when the lake was a mudhole, their tax didn't decrease eventhough there was no lake. I'd raise cain too.

  • daisy Sep 16, 2008

    They just went from having years of a mudhole to a lake again at the govt and taxpayers expense...quit complaining and rebuild the docks.

  • Mr. Keeping It Real Sep 16, 2008

    RickJames and Kilroy - we think alike - well put!

  • Kilroy Sep 16, 2008

    Was not the depth of the lake (water height) calculated based on the new dam prior to construction. I guess not....new dam shorter than old dam.....:).

  • RICKJAMES Sep 16, 2008

    Im sick and tired of hearing these people in Hope Mills whine and complain because the water level is a foot short of their expectations. Lets get this clear, a few million to add on to the new dam to get a foot extra of water in it, or these people that live on this lake can simply rebuild or extend their dock or pier??? Come on people you havent had water in this hole in 5 years and now complain because its only a foot short of where it used to be? wow