Employers add few jobs in May; unemployment rate inches down

Posted June 21, 2013

— Employers in North Carolina added 1,018 people to their rolls in May, helping push the state's unemployment rate down a tenth of a percent, to 8.8 percent, according to the latest data from the state Department of Commerce.

More than 416,500 people in the state remain unemployed, down 2,451 since April, and the state's labor force shrank by 1,433 to 4,720,079. Unemployment Rate graphic What's behind the North Carolina unemployment rate?

The jobs and labor force numbers released Friday are factors in the calculation of the statewide unemployment rate, which was 8.8 percent in May, down from 8.9 percent a month earlier.

Leisure and hospitality services employers saw big gains in May, adding 6,300 jobs. Other industries, including trade, transportation and utilities, construction, professional and business services, financial activities and government, saw job decreases.

The unemployment rate has declined slowly but steadily since over the past year. The May 2012 unemployment rate was 9.5 percent. At that time, 4,266,183 were employed out of a total labor force of 4,712,515.

The national unemployment rate inched up in May, climbing to 7.6 percent from April's 7.5 percent.


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  • signify6644 Jun 24, 2013

    "Keep up the great work governor." lOL I think you mean OBAMA. Five years of Hope and Change! Say what happened to that "Jobs Council?"

  • mrman2a Jun 21, 2013

    Drink that kool-aid bill and dream on.

  • Quagmire Jun 21, 2013

    @junkmail5...How does the Gov't track the unemployment rate of the illegal immigrants here?

    Same way it tracks the number of illegals.

  • Quagmire Jun 21, 2013

    Keep up the great work governor.

  • PJM Jun 21, 2013

    Its a sad time for North Carolina right now and quite embarrassing. I think PM, just wants to shine at the end of the day and he could care less about his supporters who are suffering much less the rest of the state...however wait a minute...he gave 8% raise to his cabinet members and also a $30k raise to DHHS director. So far I am not impressed with his new decisions but I do hope for the best for our state. People with the right intentions are suffering and without unemployment benefits ...there are gonna be some unfortunate reprecussions, which was not even a thought for PM...he does not care about you or you or you or you or you or you or you or you!!

  • Hugh Jass Jun 21, 2013

    wow.....many all of those Dems should change allegiance and get a job on the spot! SouthernPackerFan

    Well many they should or whtever you said. Besides, don't they already have plans on Monday afternoons?

  • Hugh Jass Jun 21, 2013

    Nationwide five years ago we went from losing several hundred thousand jobs a month to now almost 4 years of net gains in the range of over one hundred thousand jobs per month. Lets hope the momentum continues.

    Amazing what pumping Billions and Billions of printed money into the economy will do for it. The bill is coming due, let's wait and see.

  • ramseytam Jun 21, 2013

    There ar just no jobs out there, the 71,000 will be very lucky if anyone can find a job with more than 30 hours a week. With the New obama care if you employer works you 30 hours or more they are required to provide insurance, with that being said no employer outside of maybe a factory will let anyone work more than 29 hours unless you have proof of other insurance, that is one reason why places like Walmart are only hiring everyone part time, no more than 25 hours a week and mostly retire people who are all ready on Medicare. This is one reason why so many people are having trouble if finding a job. So people think his will help the economy. Now North Carolina will have more people on Foodstamps, living assistance and medicade. I don't see a balance here. The state will pay down there employment debt be the tax payers will have to help pay for all the benefits the unemployed will now be entitled to. And it was not Obamo who set this unemployment thing. It was our great Governor Pat M

  • oakcity Jun 21, 2013

    What happened to your great recovery barry ?


    i thought the right wing GOP was the one that promised all the jobs? Pat? Thom? Phil?

    where are all these jobs you speak of?

  • SouthernPackerFan Jun 21, 2013

    the rest of the Democrat takers at the government teat. HockeyPlayerX

    wow.....many all of those Dems should change allegiance and get a job on the spot!