Employees buy Raleigh-based outdoor outfitter

Posted January 16, 2013
Updated January 17, 2013

— Four long-time employees of Raleigh's Great Outdoor Provision Co. have purchased a majority stake in the company, ensuring that the Southeast's largest independent specialty outdoor retailer stays local. The company has seven stores, with locations from Charlotte to Wilmington.

Molly Cherry, Travis Zarins, Bill Mauney and Chuck Millsap comprise the leadership team who made the investment. Store founder Tom Valone, who will stay on as chairman of the board, said, “Equity groups kept pitching me to expand like wildfire and then sell-out. But that’s not the adventure we intended."

Cherry pointed out that the team has a combined 90 years experience at the retailer, which was established in 1972. 

“We will always be a place to not only purchase great outdoor brands but a friendly place to get information and meet others who are excited about getting outside," Mauney said. "We are looking forward to growing this company over the next 40 years.”


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  • CrewMax Jan 17, 2013

    Wow. That usually doesn't happen.

  • determined2win Jan 17, 2013

    Shop locally?

    So all of their goods come from local manufacturers?


  • Uhavenoclu Jan 17, 2013

    Shop locally!!

    People shop where the things and brands they want are at a good price.If the items are not at any local shop they go elsewhere.

    Good for them in keeping it local,the only jacket and coat people tend to buy is the north face ..not because they are good but because people want to fit in with everyone else.

    The best places to work are the mom and pop small companies where everyone knows everyone and you are not just a number.
    Good luck and keep going.

  • tayled Jan 17, 2013

    Good for them! See it can be done without government assistance!

  • whyalltheproblems Jan 17, 2013

    good for them!!! that is So great to hear!

  • dakg Jan 17, 2013

    This is fantastic! We shop there regularly....congratulations & good luck!!!!!

  • SmarterThanAvgBear Jan 17, 2013

    Good luck! I have always enjoyed shopping with you.

  • LovemyPirates Jan 17, 2013

    Shop locally!!

  • davidgnews Jan 17, 2013

    Nice to see this kind of business consciousness.

  • twoods7 Jan 17, 2013

    The Valones are good and generous people; they allowed my family to stay at their mountain home (they're neighbors of my in-laws)during the Christmas holidays a few years back. Best of luck to them!