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El Pueblo Chief Leaving

Posted May 16, 2007

Zulayka Santiago, executive director of El Pueblo, has resigned, effective Sept. 9, after less than two years in the job. The board chair for the statewide Latino advocacy group says nonprofits need to do more to ease pressure on executive directors.

For details, see the Philanthropy Journal article.


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  • r-n-r May 18, 2007

    I upset photoj. He spent all afternoon spelling words.

  • PhotoJ May 17, 2007

    OK, thank goodness, a breakthrough!!! It appears that the hate spewers have something in common - basic lack of literacy. Apparently the inability to process words causes a relexive hate and bigotry action in their atrophied grey matter. And here I thought it was genetic - or at least a very, very, very shallow gene pool.

  • r-n-r May 17, 2007

    Wral will snatch an article if make a point! Did I upset you by telling the truth.

  • r-n-r May 17, 2007

    Some of the hate messages might subside if the minority groups weren't catered to so much. They can have black this and latino that. You have something white and all hell breaks loose!

  • jprdar May 16, 2007

    For those familiar with El Pueblo, as an advocacy group are they fighting for all Latinos, to include the law breakers, or are they fighting for the rights of the legal immigrants they feel are being discriminated against? If they are fighting for the undocumented illegal immigrants, I have a problem with that. If they are fighting for the legal Latinos more power to them, if they are hiding and defending illegals, again, I have to challenge that. If I stole a million dollars 10 years ago, I'm still a thieve, no matter what I did with that money. So, just being in the country a long time does not make you any less a criminal if you came here illegally. Just my opinion.

  • moncha2003 May 16, 2007

    hey br-549, (El Pueblo, statewide Latino advocacy group) This was cut and pasted from the story above. Maybe you should read the story before you comment, but just in case heres a tip, the answer to your question is in the story above.

  • BR549-ssdd May 16, 2007

    What the --- is el pueblo? Get rid of him another 12 million....

  • moncha2003 May 16, 2007

    Packfan, The concept of humanity and human kindness apparently has eluded you, and fyi I do know what Illegal means, I also know what compassion and common courtesy means something you apparently know nothing about.

  • packfan79 May 16, 2007

    apparently the concept of ILLEGAL eludes some of you...photo and moncha!

  • moncha2003 May 16, 2007

    your right photo, anytime something is posted about latinos the same tired old group are saying the exact same thing over and over again, yet when an american does something wrong apparently they think thats ok, its kinda sad and pathetic at the same time