Editorial: No moral relativism in the face of bigotry

Posted August 18

CBC Editorial: Friday, Aug. 18, 2017; Editorial # 8200
The following is the opinion of Capitol Broadcasting Company

As the view clears following the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Va. with the emergence of a dangerous white supremacy movement, what we find:

In North Carolina, the response to the tragic events in Charlottesville, Va., were peaceful, generally civil and handled in appropriate and commendable fashion by local leaders and law enforcement authorities.

This was particularly the case in Durham, where protesters went too far and vandalized a Confederate monument. Law officers showed restraint when protesters toppled a statue. What was a volatile situation remained calm and peaceful. Fortunately, no one was injured, particularly when the statue came crashing down on the pavement.

Rather than enflame the situation, Durham law officers made the right choice to make arrests and take other action following the protest. As a result, the rule of law was upheld, while protesters and others in downtown Durham made their points in a peaceful manner.


At a time when we need clear and firm direction from the nation’s leadership, President Donald Trump was muted, confused and just plain wrong. White supremacy, swastikas and prejudice have no place in America. While our nation’s First Amendment correctly protects even the ugliest expressions of political viewpoints, that doesn’t mean our president should be endorsing them. He is out of step with most in his own political party and the nation. Our president has been tone deaf and weak.

Gov. Roy Cooper issued an unequivocal denunciation of the bigotry on display by the KKK and racial supremacists in Charlottesville. He went further this week in a statement about Confederate monuments in North Carolina: “We cannot continue to glorify a war against the United States of America fought in the defense of slavery. These monuments should come down,” he said, calling for repeal of a 2015 law that imposes legislative protection to the statues. Cooper has directed the state Department of Natural and Cultural Resources to look into removing the Confederate monuments and developing alternative sites “where they can be studied in context.”

Cooper is right. A bill should be drafted along the lines of his recommendation and the legislature should pass it.

The pictures of a torch light procession, with marchers on the University of Virginia campus chanting racist and anti-Semitic slogans were all too reflective of horrific images out of fascist nations 70 years ago. Legislators should review recently passed laws, such as the so-called “Campus Free Speech Act to be sure they haven’t inadvertently turned University of North Carolina campuses into safe zones for bigotry and potential violence. Freedom of expression is particularly integral to the learning mission of our universities and the appropriate presentation and discussion of controversial and unpopular ideas is critical to a good education. However, unfettered access to campuses by violent radicals while simultaneously institutionalizing punishments for those who challenge hateful acts is not what is intended in the law. It must be reviewed before it is too late.

While President Trump on Tuesday talked with reporters and defended white supremacists, just a few miles from Trump Tower 30 new citizens from 19 nations including Argentina, Bangladesh, Sudan and Trinidad and Tobago, tearfully took the oath of allegiance to the United States. One of them, Han Ali, a 35-year-old accountant from Sudan, summed up the day: “After all, it’s not what the president thinks or says — America is bigger than that, greater than that.”

Recognizing the rights of everyone doesn’t diminish the status of anyone. Like the tide, it lifts all of us.


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  • Scott Satalino Aug 18, 10:48 a.m.
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    Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) statement yesterday: "Trump has not shown the stability or competence to be President."
    "[Trump] also recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation," Corker said. "He has not demonstrated that he understands what has made this nation great and what it is today. And he's got to demonstrate the characteristics of a president who understands that."

    Senator Tim Scott also said yesterday:
    "Trump's moral authority has been compromised."

    Former Gov. Mitt Romney today slammed President Trump for how he has handled Charlottesville and warned that there may be "an unraveling of our national fabric" if he doesn't apologize.

    Conservative George Will stated Wednesday: "Trump's White House is sterile."

    It seems that WRAL is saying exactly what prominent Conservatives are saying.

    The statues and monuments of Confederates honor men who firmly believed in White Supremacy and wanted to create a Slave-Holding Republic. That is immoral.

  • Mike Morin Aug 18, 10:06 a.m.
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    Appropriate applied law enforcement is STOPPING a crime in progress not letting it happen in front of your eyes. What's next? The cops allowing Antifa to burn down buildings and assault people and hope they get caught on camera. What a joke!

  • Colin Burch III Aug 18, 9:54 a.m.
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    We agree - "However, unfettered access to campuses by violent radicals while simultaneously institutionalizing punishments for those who challenge hateful acts is not what is intended in the law." Islamic extremist organizations should not be allowed on university campuses. The hateful acts that occur in abortion clinics should be challenged vigorously.

  • Colin Burch III Aug 18, 9:51 a.m.
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    No moral relativism in the face of abortion, the murder of babies. Hypocrisy reigns! When bigotry is displayed against those opposing the murder of the pre-born how can bigotry be charged anywhere? What is the moral/ethical basis for blasting white supremacists and defending abortion? Neither is acceptable. Neither is an example of God's Love that we should demonstrate.

  • Teddy Fowler Aug 18, 9:14 a.m.
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    Sure its an opinion piece... but the point is that opinions posted here on WRAL are ALWAYS one-sided... a very liberal slant while NEVER offering another point of view.... Occasionally even Trump and Republicans and the right must do something right?

  • Scott Patterson Aug 18, 7:45 a.m.
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    You know whats great about opinions, everyone has one... as this article is clearly marked as an opinion piece, if you dont agree just move on with your life. Not everyone shares your same opinion.

  • Kenneth Jones Aug 18, 6:21 a.m.
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    This day the media openly decided to support antifa and turn their backs on US history. shame-shame-shame-shame-shame-shame-shame-shame Don't ya love that chant?

  • Kenneth Jones Aug 18, 6:17 a.m.
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    Why not just change your call sign to CNN?

  • Kenneth Jones Aug 18, 5:36 a.m.
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    First off, when did our President endorse "them"? He has denounced white supremacists for decades and did so after this event. Why shouldn't he call out the paid for protesters antifa? The President is not in Washington to follow the CBC script, or the script of the MSM. Also, why is it a good idea for law enforcement to stand down while felonies are being committed? Way to stick with the SJW bandwagon. And the next time BLM shows their true colors will you call them out for their blatant bigotry? You give your opinion to read as if white supremacist are to blame for these kids hatred of our history. They are the ones turning blacks and whites against one another because they can't keep from getting their feelings hurt. This is truly a disgusting article. Thank you for showing your true colors and how much you hate Democracy and the office of the Presidency. You don't get 8 more years of complicit Obama. You do get 4 years of a man who don't care what you think...