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Edgecombe water customers advised to boil water

Posted July 18, 2012

Edgecombe County officials advised water and sewer customers to begin boiling their water Wednesday after testing showed the presence of bacteria.

Michael C. Matthews, the county utilities director, said the samples taken from the water system tested positive for total coliform, which is an indicator that other bacteria may be present.

The advisory begins at noon Wednesday. Matthews said the county will cancel the advisory as soon as the situation is resolved.


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  • holliwalk20 Jul 20, 2012

    @camhamsmom Would you like the locals to call the 4,500 water customers who I am sure 99% numbers don't work or go door to door telling people, or would you like them working on the problem? I am sure food lion sells bottle water, or you can boil it and stick it in the fridge! And if you don't pay your bill they should cut your water off no matter how much it is..It can start with $20.00 and lead to $500.00 like princeville!

  • camhamsmom Jul 18, 2012

    The locals are too lazy to go around and tell people before it's too late. Too late for me, I drank quite a bit of it this morning. I didn't know anything about it until I looked at the news this afternoon. My unborn son and I just left the hospital yesterday from being dehydrated with a stomach virus, guess we'll be going back. Just got a letter 2 weeks ago from Edgecombe County saying there's too much of a chemical in the drinking water, now too much bacteria. We get letters like this ALL the time here after the fact. They can't get it together. I need a reduced water bill since I can't use my water to drink and now must go out and purchase bottled water. And no...my bills aren't like Princeville where people are given 6 months to pay. These jokers cut you off the 25th of every month even if you owe $20.

  • jpt Jul 18, 2012

    Love finding out about this via WRAL and not from anyone local

  • waterwarrior8 Jul 18, 2012

    hmmmm...coliform comes from fecal material produced by warm blooded animals. Knowing that there's over 2100 acres in Edgecombe County that have sludge (bio solids from waste water treatment plants) being spread as fertilizer, one has to wonder if it's only a matter of time before a superbug killer like chloramines will be introduced into treatment plants. This was the case in the Triad area couple of yrs ago. And folks wonder why we have such problems w/ our drinking water.

    Dale Swiggett
    Waterfront Sportsman & the Environmental Investigation Coalition

  • halfpint1552 Jul 18, 2012

    Rocky Mount has the best tasting water in NC (proven by taste test) but I still drink only bottled water. Better safe than sorry!

  • Half Red Half Blue Jul 18, 2012

    Your water always tastes nasty anyways.