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eBay classified surfaces selling 2-year-old Sanford girl

Posted April 11, 2013
Updated April 12, 2013

— Sanford police say they are investigating a classified advertisement with photos on eBay that purports to sell a 2-year-old girl for $125.

The ad, appearing with the title "Cute lil [sic] Mexican girl,” claims a Sanford address and appears to have been posted Thursday under the Dogs & Puppies section of the classified site. It was taken offline, however, around 12:30 p.m.

The seller claims to be the girl's mother, who is in need of money because the father "is not in the picture."

"Willing to rent her aswell [sic]," the post reads. "Comes with her own SSN and with a month supply of food. She Is Very Sweet And Is Really Smart."

The ad continues with the seller saying she decided to place the ad because she is jobless and needs money.

Police declined to comment on the ad or their investigation.

eBay spokeswoman Anne Park said the was removed from the site as soon it was flagged, and the company is working with police to aid in the investigation.


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  • Terkel Apr 12, 2013

    Prank or not, check her status - and then give her a NC DL!

  • publicassistance Apr 12, 2013

    I wonder if Ebay's Buyer Protection Policy would be in effect?

    Please! This is an obvious prank in poor taste. Like the half eaten sandwhich that looks like a holy figure, magic prayer cloths, space shuttle parts, etc.

    Sadly, law enforcement must take even this foolishness seriously and waste time and resources.

  • girlwonders Apr 12, 2013

    Might be a kid trying to sell a younger sibling. I thought about that when I had two younger siblings who got on my nerves. When I was 7 or 8 anyway...

  • elkerster Apr 12, 2013

    UreapwhatUso- It doesn't take that much time to post on Ebay and secondly it was posted under Dogs and Puppies. If someone was seriously trying to sell a kid I'm not sure they would have done that. Also if you read the add none of it makes says. "I'm her mother but I have her call me aunt so her feelings won't get hurt." Plus really renting for $125. Someone that hard up on money needs more than $125.00 most likely. Don't get me wrong I hope they are looking into to make sure the child is safe and and if it is fake to file charges against whoever posted but my guess is it's not real.

  • elkerster Apr 12, 2013

    Sadly I think it's a prank. She says mommy but doesn't call her mom that. I dunno seems like a horrible prank to me but glad they found it and are looking into it.

  • wayneboyd Apr 12, 2013

    Nothing shocks me anymore.

  • Country Girlz Have MORE fun Apr 12, 2013

    Would this be attempted Human trafficing? Even if someone thought it was a joke it isn't funny. Different cultures may find things acceptable that our country does not. This is upsetting.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Apr 12, 2013

    The "renting" her is even worse. Selling sounds like try to get paid to have a loving family adopt her (at least the mother could try to convince herself of that). But renting is so obviously for exploitation.

  • CharmedLife Apr 12, 2013

    I don't care how hard times get, you don't sell/rent your kids!!! Sick!!!!!

  • bill0 Apr 12, 2013

    "Probably teenagers... don't waste resources chasing down."

    Probably, but the police still have to chase it down in case it isn't a prank.