Eastbound lanes of Cary Parkway to reopen for Monday commute

Posted April 14, 2013

It could take the state Department of Transportation several weeks to replace a culvert under Cary Parkway after what authorities are calling a "suspicious fire" in the tunnel Thursday night.

— A stretch of Cary Parkway closed for more than three weeks after a culvert fire under the roadway will be open again just in time for the Monday morning commute.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation says that crews will reopen the eastbound lanes between Two Creeks Road/Kilarney Road and Lake Pine Drive late Sunday.

The road, which is traveled by 30,000 vehicles each day, has been closed since April 1 after a fire caused a 12-by-8-foot culvert to partially collapse under the westbound lanes on March 21.

Crews still need to repave the westbound lanes of Cary Parkway and restore curbs and the median. The DOT says those lanes will remain closed until next week.

The emergency repairs, which cost $482,120, involved crews tearing up the pavement to dig up and remove about 100 feet of damaged pipe.

The eastbound lanes were able to remain open after the fire but were later closed for safety reasons.

Cary police say Tristan Zammit, 17, of Brownfield Drive in Cary, who is charged with intentionally setting fire to grass, brush lands or woodlands, admitted to setting the fire.

According to a search warrant, firefighters found the name "Tristan" written in tar on the concrete face of the culvert. The next day, police received a tip that Zammit had bragged about the fire to a friend.


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  • Tritysu Apr 19, 2013

    His parents did not do this. The kid is 17 not 10. He should be held responsible. Let the kid get the consequences. The parents will not get the bill. 17 year olds in nc are tried as adults.

  • jesuschrist85 Apr 16, 2013

    let those without sin cast the first stone

  • tristanmzammit Apr 16, 2013

    to town of cary. I am so sorry for what I have done, I never intended for things to go out of hand. Im sorry for not thinking about the consequences for my actions. It was a stupid thing, and throughout my life this will remind me to think of the consequences of my actions. I did not prank or brag, and I wish I could go back and undo all this.I deserve a punishment and it would be unjust if I did not receive one. town of cary again, im very sorry.

  • WralCensorsAreBias Apr 16, 2013

    When does this kid's parents get the bill? As it should be.

  • kikinc Apr 16, 2013

    Yeah, looking at this kid's upcoming court dates, he's a troublemaker. Assaulting a school employee, larceny, breaking and entering? He's not remorseful. He's upset he got caught. This kid deserves a big dose of reality. I have to drive 64, and I've been extremely inconvenienced b/c this kid thought fire was cool. Someone should slap him with a lawsuit for the trouble he's put thousands of commuters through.

  • NotFromHere Apr 15, 2013

    "he wasnt thinking of the consequences of his actions, he didnt know that he would lose control of the fire. and when he did, he got scared and left, because he does have a previous record and is on a diversion program." - johnfarsty

    yeah he has upcoming court dates for assulting a school employee. he's not sorry for what he did, he's just sorry he got caught. we can see from his previous legal problems what kind of kid he is. if he was worried about his legal problems he should have been at home instead of hanging out setting fires.

  • apexdad2000 Apr 15, 2013

    U.S. 64 in the evening has been very congested due to the detour, am glad to see this end. As for the kid, unless he's a complete psycho, of course he's remorseful. That's not making him look better in my eyes. Thanks for making me miss dinner with my kids, Tristan.

  • Obamacare survives Apr 15, 2013

    i know tristan personally, he is really remorseful. he wasnt thinking of the consequences of his actions, he didnt know that he would lose control of the fire. and when he did, he got scared and left, because he does have a previous record and is on a diversion program. he didnt want to catch another charge because it would cancel his expungment.

    He's only acting remorseful because he got caught. If not, he'd still be bragging to his friends about it.

  • johnfarsty Apr 15, 2013

    dredscott -no, not at all, being the offense is different, and negligent, unintended. he goes to my high school he got expelled once last year, and is doing well now.

  • Bobber Apr 15, 2013

    WRAL still seems to have their sense of direction inverted. The eastbound lanes run FROM lake Pine Drive TO Two Creeks Road and Kilarney Drive, not the other way around. And it's Kilarney DRIVE, not Kilarney Road.