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Easley takes leave from law firm

Posted June 8, 2010

— Former Gov. Mike Easley has taken a leave of absence from the law firm where he has worked for the past year.

Sources told WRAL News that Easley asked for the leave from the McGuire-Woods law firm weeks ago, and it was granted.

McGuire-Woods is based in Richmond, Va., and has offices in Raleigh and Charlotte.

A federal grand jury is investigating Easley's dealings with friends and contributors while in office.


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  • WHEEL Jun 9, 2010

    Wonder why charges against Easley are taking so long? The federal prosecutor is a left-over Republican and looses his job as soon as all this mess is over. He's looking for 3 more years and maybee keep his job.

  • pbjbeach Jun 8, 2010

    perhaps he is packing his bags an getting ready for that special little trip that he & mary an the rest of the crowd are to have forced upon the by uncle sam. if that ends up being the case perhaps it will make north carolina a better place to live after they are gone on their little trip. i personal hope so thank you

  • mulecitybabe Jun 8, 2010

    Sources told WRAL News that Easley asked for the leave from the McGuire-Woods law firm weeks ago, and it was granted.

    Yeah, I'll just bet he asked for it. More likely McGuire-Woods told him to go on leave or go on unemployment. Something which, by the way, they should have told him a year ago.

  • cwood3 Jun 8, 2010

    He got a political contributor(McQueen Campbell) to the Chairman of the Board at NC State. Who then-got Mary her job.
    Who then got fired with all this stuff coming down. Then they fired Mary-cause she wan't needed. And they didn't have the money to pay her.

    Payola all over the place. Dems seem to be real good at that!!
    Maybe someday, NC voters will figure out who is corrupt in NC-the Dems. Republicans might just clean things up-might be worth a shot. He know the dems cannot clean things up-cause they're gettin paid too much not to clean up.

  • paulinnc Jun 8, 2010

    Let's not worry about Mike. I'm sure he's found a way to continue being paid while he's on 'Leave'.

  • RealityAddict Jun 8, 2010

    not to mention all the bogus and lavish trips!!!

  • heavye Jun 8, 2010

    Maybe he and Bev. can take a reunion trip to catch up how to get over on the people of NC.

  • cocker_mom Jun 8, 2010

    He'll want to not be referred to as Mike Easley, former governor and partner at Maguire Woods law firm" as a defendant in the upcoming case - no firm wants that kind of publicity.

    It appears that charges are imminent.

    As to what he did wrong - "allegedly" he used his position as a public servant to get free golf club memberships, get his wife a high paying job for essentially doing nothing, get a cut rate on a lot at a fancy subdivision which appeared to be as "payment" for expediting permits, his staff got deals, people seemingly "paid" for access to him and for favors that were not necessarily in the best interest of the state. See: graft

  • ecugirl83 Jun 8, 2010

    and im not being sarcastic...im serious. idk what happened.

  • ecugirl83 Jun 8, 2010

    i still dont understand what he did wrong.