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Easley’s office looking into reinstatement of man who assaulted bus driver

Posted July 9, 2008
Updated July 10, 2008

— Gov. Mike Easley's office is looking into the reinstatement of a Department of Transportation engineer who assaulted a Cary school bus driver last year.

Derry Aimo Schmidt was found guilty in January of assault in connection with a May 23, 2007, incident outside Cary Elementary School.

Police said Schmidt drove into the school's bus-unloading zone to drop off his daughter after classes had started and became irate when his car was boxed in by school buses.

Schmidt was sentenced to 75 days in jail, which was suspended to 25 days under house arrest. He also was ordered to undergo a mental examination and attend anger management classes.

The DOT fired him from his position following the incident. Schmidt challenged the termination with the state Office of Administrative hearings. They later reached a settlement.

WRAL learned Tuesday that Schmidt’s DOT job was reinstated.


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  • chfdcpt Jul 10, 2008

    "The DOT fired him from his position following the incident. Schmidt challenged the termination with the state Office of Administrative hearings. They later reached a settlement."

    I am willing to bet that DOT decided to violate the state personnel act. I ain't no rocket scientist, but when someone is fired, the firing is challenged and a settlement is reached, that usually means the firing party messed up legally. But the fact that Easley is looking into it makes me wonder.

  • bngexpress Jul 10, 2008

    the whole thing was blown out of proportion to begin with , i've seen a whole lot worse and nothing ever was done, leave the man alone he served his sentece, now let him go on with his life and provide for his family.

  • lizard Jul 10, 2008

    "What would be out of character for a minister would be defending anyone who beat on someone beneath their own stature."

    Why was the bus driver "beneath his stature."? Black bus drivers are not necessarily "beneath" white engineers. You better check on how you think about people.

  • Meandmytwo Jul 10, 2008

    Easley and everyone that had anything to do with this irate man being reinstated should be ashamed of themselves. He committed a crime and lost his job, fair deal. Now to give him the job back was a slap on the wrist for him and a slap in the face for the victim. This is not right ,but that goes to show you, some things will never change because the color of your skin.

  • Corvus Jul 10, 2008

    I say let him keep his job. I work for the state and everyone makes mistakes. If Mary Easley can get an 88% raise then this guy diserves a second chance.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Jul 10, 2008

    I doubt he was feeling much power when they put the cuffs on him.

  • Armando de Cabana Boy Jul 10, 2008

    I agree with NeuralObserver that this guys sentence was a bit much. CGHSMOM says that state employees should be held to a higher standard. That's funny! I see people posting here bashing state employees alot and moan when we "whine" about getting the short end of the stick (raises campared to teachers- or no raises)- but you want to put us on a pedastal?. State employees are human and can make mistakes just like anyone else. Anyone can lose their cool in the heat of the moment. Also, RevRB- I'm not feeling the love from you here today preacher! DAWG! HAving said all that, the guy was and is a jerk. No man should ever lay a hand on a woman in anger. His career should not be ruined however for one bad day.

  • Adelinthe Jul 10, 2008

    "Then why send him to anger management. We could never have enough prison space if no one could ever be rehabilitated."

    I didn't say "no one could ever be rehabilitated."

    But I do believe that the majority of men who abuse women and children and animals can not be, because once that taste of absolute power has been sampled, it's hard to turn it down again.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Adelinthe Jul 10, 2008

    If this guy was a probation officer, I believe the posts here would be different.

    As for violent offenders, of which this guy was one, being rehabilitated - I've seen it reoccur more times than not. That's why I don't believe it's possible.

    But I'm praying that this is not so in this guy's case; I pray that he did learn from anger management and was rehabilitated - cause his family deserves peace.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • golonc Jul 10, 2008

    I wonder if he was issued a credit card also?