Easier to fill up when gas prices head down

Posted October 16, 2014

— Fuel prices have dropped below the $3 mark at some Triangle gas stations for the first time since 2011.

Experts attributed the declining prices to a decrease in demand from a weaker global economy and a stronger dollar.

"It feels great. It's like giving us a raise," cab driver David Izquierdo said Thursday. "We put gas in every single day just to get our people to go from one place to another."

The average price of a gallon of regular gas in North Carolina is $3.13, but Tiffany Wright, a spokeswoman for AAA Carolinas, said the statewide average could move below $3 before Thanksgiving.

Among drivers, gas cheaper than $3 a gallon triggers something psychological, Wright said, noting that it encourages people to fill-er-up rather than put-er-off – and maybe even take a little trip.

"I get really excited," driver Cosette Rosati said. "I feel a lot better. I feel like the economy is improving."

Mark Miller, who delivers pizzas for La Roma Pizza in Garner, said he drives 100 to 120 miles every couple of days, so a drop in gas prices has a "huge impact" on his wallet.

"I’m saving up to actually go to college," Miller said. "‘I’ve been able to go ahead and save a lot of money recently.”

John Hofmann, who runs air and vacuum machines at several gas stations, is a small-business owner with a macroeconomic view on falling fuel prices.

"We probably spend, as a company, probably around $3,000 a month in gas," Hofmann said. "In the long run, I'm going to do better, my employees are going to do better, and they're going to spend more money out here in the economy."


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  • gunmonkey Oct 17, 2014

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    Yeah they make it sound like a .10 ¢ drop is a big savings. I'm not sure where I'll spend all that extra money each week. A cup of coffee?

  • Andy Hairston Oct 17, 2014
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    Let's see. $0.20 drop in gas prices is about $2.60 saved per fill-up for me, times once a week, is $135 a year. Out of $2100... Well, it's better, but still not that big a deal.

  • WolfPackAlum Oct 17, 2014

    Correction to below: "When oil prices were above $120/bbl, average gas prices were above $4.20/gal."

  • WolfPackAlum Oct 17, 2014

    >>"When Bush was in Office it was between $120. and $150 a barrel and Gas price were Not as High as they are today"-BMAC813

    That is not even remotely true. When oil prices were above $120/bbl, average gas prices were aove $.20/gal. See here:

  • Bill Brasky Oct 17, 2014

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    That's because gas went from $1.80 to $4.50 in a matter of months under Bush. We had a right to figure out why gas prices jumped.

    When it comes to the current gas prices. How dare China and India live as wasteful as we do when it comes to oil. It is a global market you know

  • Atheistinafoxhole Oct 17, 2014

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    "Yet during The Third Quarter of 2013 Exxon /Mobil made Their biggest profit ever $10.5 Billion Dollars"

    And what was the price of oil during the third quarter of 2013?

    I do agree that while Bush (the oil guy) was in office, gas and oil were at all time highs, although I don't understand how it reflects negatively on "liberals" now that both are dropping like stones. Seems like good news.

  • bmac813 Oct 17, 2014

    Hey ,Democrats are in Trouble and it's Election Time. $80 A barrel and When Bush was in Office it was between $120. and $150 a barrel and Gas price were Not as High as they are today. BUT Bush is in with Big Oil. Yet during The Third Quarter of 2013 Exxon /Mobil made Their biggest profit ever $10.5 Billion Dollars and I didn't see or Hear anything from The liberal Base or the liberal News Media. AAAAAMAZING.

  • Kenneth Gordon Hart Oct 17, 2014
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    With the price of oil at $80 a barrel and heading down and the US back to being #1 in world oil production again, the price of gas should be way lower already. Let's see gasoline get back to $2 a gallon.

  • babylaceycarpenter Oct 17, 2014

    When the gas price trend is on an upward climb, I will fill up every day, even when those fill-ups are for only 1 or 2 gallons. When we are on the decline, as we are now, I will only get enough fuel to get me through the next day. Sure, maybe I only save 2 or 3 hundred bucks a year by doing this, but every dollar counts.