Early voting underway across NC

Posted September 18, 2013
Updated September 19, 2013

— One-stop early voting opened Thursday across North Carolina for the counties and municipalities holding a primary or general election on Oct. 8.

Anyone who missed the voter registration deadline can register to vote and then cast an absentee ballot at their county board of elections office during the early voting period, which ends on Saturday, Oct. 5.

New restrictions prohibiting same-day registration and curtailing the early voting period don't take effect until next year. Showing photo identification at the polls isn't required until 2016.

Some counties, including Wake, have alternate one-stop voting sites. Check your county's Board of Elections website for details.

Here are some of the key races for our area:

Wake County: 

Voters will cast ballots on an $810 million school bond referendum, as well as four open seats on the Board of Education. Each of the seats is tied to a specific district, and only those living in those districts will vote in a particular district's race.

Voting in N.C., voting generic Search candidates on October ballot

Current board members Deborah Prickett, Bill Fletcher and Tom Benton are all vying to keep their seats, but no matter what the outcome, the balance of power on the school board will remain with the Democratic-leaning majority. 


Mayor Nancy McFarlane is up for re-election against challengers Venita Peyton and Robert Lewis Weltzin, and residents will cast ballots in six City Council races. Two at-large seats are up for grabs, as are five district seats.

Voters will also decide on a $75 million transportation bond.


Voters will cast ballots for three open Town Council seats. At-large incumbent Edward Yerha is running unopposed.


Oct. 8 is a primary election for the mayor and the city council seat for Ward II. 


Voters will cast primary ballots for mayor and four city council seats. Mayor Tony Chavonne is not running for re-election.

voting, early voting, one-stop voting, vote School, roads bonds could increase voter turnout

Municipal elections are typically low-key and low turnout, but Wake County Elections Director Cherie Poucher said this year could be different.

"Anytime you have a countywide bond on the ballot, it will increase the turnout," Poucher said.

In the last municipal elections in 2011, 22 percent of registered voters cast ballots in Wake County.

Although Raleigh's early-voting site wasn't bustling Thursday, numerous people took advantage of the opportunity to cast ballots.

"I know it's important to vote, and I have a busy schedule. So, I thought, while I have the chance, I'd get out and vote," Clymer Cease said.

"I heard it on the news that it was (early) voting. I was trying to figure out what are we voting for now, and I didn't want to miss my opportunity," Patricia McNair said.


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  • gotnoid Sep 20, 2013

    Wonder if them sneaky republican are there checking them photos ID's?? Thousands of NC folks don't have no ID-so were are told.
    WRAL__Where did you hide the daily "McCory" hit piece article today? I thought I was reading the wrong website but I finally found it under NC Politics. Put back up in the headlines like normal.

  • jwjsdj Sep 19, 2013

    For All those who seem to have a problem getting to the Polls 19 Days Of Voting (19 Sept to 8 Oct), Wow..

  • miseem Sep 19, 2013

    Oh, but didn't someone say that we don't have ample opportunity to vote in this state?

    Did you read the entire article?

    New restrictions prohibiting same-day registration and curtailing the early voting period don't take effect until next year. Showing photo identification at the polls isn't required until 2016

  • rushbot Sep 19, 2013

    to the notimeforstupidity person..let me see if i understand your position..you voted no to spending money for new schools..and despite the fact that year round schools allow schools to be utilized full time, and fit up to 25% more students into the existing buildings each year (you know..4 tracks per school..one track is not using the building, while the other 3 are)you are against it..that certainly does not pass any logic test i can come up with..what exactly is your position on school crowding solutions other than NO..

  • WralCensorsAreBias Sep 19, 2013

    And don't forget your ID WIlliam.


  • downtowner Sep 19, 2013

    "What school does your kid go to?" "You know that abandoned warehouse where all the gangs hang out and sell crack? Yeah, there."

    babedan is hilarious

  • WralCensorsAreBias Sep 19, 2013

    "What school does your kid go to?" "Oh, remember that run down strip mall right next to the interstate smack dab in an impoverished area? Yeah, there."

    Spoken like a true Dem. One that loves their palace and glass castle schools with all the extras.

    I don't care WHERE they go, but they aren't building more schools on my dime. I voted NO today and everyone in line said they were doing the same.

    I even wrote in HAIL above my NO vote!

    How many of you are aware that more schools WILL be converted to year round next year WITHOUT your permission and whether the bond passes or not?

    It's only part of the new assignment plan coming next year and that happens with or without bond passage.

  • rushbot Sep 19, 2013

    good one mmtlash...or how bout my kid goes to "that one abandoned health club elementary school" over in raleigh..they don't do all that well teaching readin' writin' and 'rithmetic, but boy howdy, i tell you..he/she sure is in good shape....and with the gop's new initiative, the former health club trainers are now all teachers..they get minimum wage plus an incentive for each new kid they enroll!!!!!

  • mmtlash Sep 19, 2013

    "What school does your kid go to?" the abandoned Food Lion off Kildaire Farm Rd in Cary LOL

  • rushbot Sep 19, 2013

    you should also state babedan you think anything the republicons spend money on is spent wisely after all you believe the republicons know what is better for you than you do.