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Durham unveils new courthouse design

Posted July 25, 2008

— Officials on Thursday unveiled designs for the $101 million Durham County Justice Building, which is expected to replace the county courthouse in four years.

Construction on the 11-story, 298,430-square-foot building is scheduled to begin in late 2009. The site is between South Mangum and Roxboro streets, north of East Dillard Street and south of the Durham County Jail.

The building will include 16 courtrooms, and another nine courtrooms could be added later. A 900-space parking deck and a public plaza also will be part of the project.

In addition to housing Superior Court and District Court and various court-related offices, the building also will provide space for the Durham County Sheriff's Office.


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  • SubwayScoundrel Jul 25, 2008

    Amazing, the people who talk about taxes are the same people who say don't spend tax money on anthing but roads and police/corrections. They are now complaining about the police/corrections. Just amazing. The sky is blue.......now complain about that !!

  • jmarkhams24 Jul 25, 2008

    Great! Now let's build some more jails and stop letting criminals walk free for months while victims and taxpayers pay the price!!!

  • BlueSkys Jul 25, 2008

    Another raise in taxes..UGH!

  • 68_polara Jul 25, 2008

    The last time I served as a juror in Orlando Hudson's court room it was a total was of my time. After an entire week, a violent repeat offender ended up receiving 15 months for violently assaulting two convenience store clerks at two different stores while robbing them. One of them ended up pretty seriously injured. I found out later this guy didn't even serve an entire year of his sentence. The next time I'm called for jury duty I'm making up some reason I can't serve, it's just a waste of everyone's time in Durham county. I wonder if the convict has killed someone by now. Until the liberal Durham county judges have stopped their failed catch and release feasco I think the only thing we could expect from a larger courthouse is just more incompetence.

  • hp277 Jul 25, 2008

    That design looks like Durham is getting a new downtown Sheraton.

  • meh2 Jul 25, 2008

    The most popular building in town. Just think of how much more the judges be able to extort in their shiny new offices...

  • 68_polara Jul 25, 2008

    So what unless they could design it without a revolving door for the violent repeat felons.