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Durham Teen Struck by Car, Driver Arrested

Posted July 21, 2007

— A Durham teen was critically injured when she was struck by a car on North Duke Street near Glendale Avenue Saturday afternoon.

Rose Ivy, 17, of Glendale Avenue, was crossing the 2600 block of North Duke Street around 1:30 p.m. when she was hit by a northbound gray Chevrolet Cavalier, according to Durham police.

The driver of the Cavalier left the scene, but returned approximately 20 minutes later, police said. Ashley Ravella, 25, of Dover Road, was arrested and charged with felonious hit-and-run.

Ivy was taken to Duke University Hospital for treatment of head and arm injuries.


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  • floyd_lawson Jul 22, 2007

    sean...how do you know the race of anyone involved? I don't know how you can say that. The next time you call someone a racist do it in front of a mirror.

  • mike honcho Jul 22, 2007

    sean kelly 15- I'm sorry I forgot us white folks don't sell drugs, don't use drugs, therefore there would be no need to stash drugs. judging by the maturity of your writing I can only conclude the 15 in your screen name is your age.

  • mike honcho Jul 22, 2007

    felony hit & run is leaving the scene of an accident where the driver knew or should have known there were injuries.

  • gopanthers Jul 22, 2007

    dyrewolfe - I can buy your argument. Your right. I just don't see the simularity between drugs and Hispanics and blacks like others (not me have brought up). And that part of my comment was to Sean_Kelly not you has he/she brought it up. As you noticed I put one post to two people.

  • FlSunshine Jul 22, 2007

    There appear to be a lot of people who post comments who are typing challenged or get excited about the discourse and their typing skills go out the window. Taking pot shots over some of the silly, inane stuff is off course of what this site is about but it happens all the time no matter what the story happens to be about. It is very interesting to see how people respond.

  • dyrewolfe Jul 22, 2007

    gopanthers -- as I said "research". First and foremost, I said absolutely nothing about race. Would it be fair of me to peg you under the influence seeing as you completely butchered my name? No. I'd chalk that up to reading incomprehension.

    Now, to address the question of if drugs were involved or not (since ladyblue and now you have brought up the possibility), I do not think, based on research, that drugs were involved. Could they have been? Certainly. Likely? No. Can you back up your assertions?

  • Gnathostomata Jul 22, 2007

    Anyone know what "felonious" hit-and-run means? Is that because she left the scene?

  • gopanthers Jul 22, 2007

    And just for the record as someone has already pointed out - Drugs knows no color. All races are using them and Ladyblue only said drugs in her comment. There was nothing about Race or Color in it what-so-ever.

  • gopanthers Jul 22, 2007

    How do you go from a comment about drugs to Hispanics and blacks? Dryewolf and Sean_Kelly - as you two put it "I don't see it". And how can you two back up what you say without evidence. Seems to me with or without evidence at this time is a two way street.

  • seankelly15 Jul 22, 2007

    Saying maybe she went to hide her stash was another way that Ladyblue jumps to conclusions about Blacks and Hispanics in Durham. The comment was racist and totally unnecessary; your attempts to justify her comments (a lot of people have a drug problem) fail to explain why she would make such a stupid comment without any evidence.