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Mother demands apology after missing Durham teen found

Posted June 2, 2013

— A Durham teen who was the subject of a Silver Alert Saturday has been found safe, police said Sunday. 

Jalyn Hart, 16, who was last seen Friday at Jordan High School, was spotted on a city bus on Carver Street in Durham Sunday evening.

He reunited with his family shortly after 6 p.m. 

"I'm very, very happy that my baby is home," said Hart's mother, Regina Hart.

Earlier Sunday, she told WRAL News that she feared the worst.

"My son means everything to me," she said. "I know he can't live without me and I can't live without him."

After he was found, Regina Hart said she didn't know where he had been and asked him to apologize.

"That's not fair to all the police officers," she said. "These people (are) taking out the time to come out here and talk to your family to put the word out on the air, so it could get to you or someone we thought had you. You need to apologize."

The teen uttered a soft-spoken apology, but offered no explanation.

It was the second missing persons case in as many days that ended in happy reunions in Durham. On Saturday, an Amber Alert was issued for a 10-year-old girl, who was found hours later at a friend's house.


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  • kbkline Jun 5, 2013

    Really what's with the headline? Why did you leave out apology "from son" in the title? It makes it sound like she demands an apology from the police. What happened to journalism? I'm seeing this more and more not only here but every time I read something. Welcome to the stud!d generation of journalist.

  • Bing Used Jun 4, 2013

    10 years old is NOT a little girl? HECK if that is so. Let your 10 year old go missing

  • same ole story Jun 4, 2013

    "My son means everything to me," she said. "I know he can't live without me and I can't live without him." YOU MIGHT WANT TO RETHINK THAT BECAUSE HE IS MOVING ON WITH HIS LIFE. TWO SIDES TO EVERY COIN AND HE JUST FLIPPED IT!!

  • jenforthewin Jun 3, 2013

    "since when is the ubiquitous ADHD a cognitive impairment?"

    Since it became a real disorder, something you can visualize on an MRI, and diagnosed in only about 5% of the population. You'd never last 24 hours with my son. Try to keep up with how the alerts work, too. Bringing the kids back home safely is the point. Good on this mom for doing what it takes to get him home, and good on her for holding him accountable for his actions.

  • superman Jun 3, 2013

    From the posting I wasnt impressed with his "apology". Dont think he was serious or sorry. If he lived in my house he would have spoken the apology loud and clear. My hearing is impaired so he might have to say it more than once. I wouldnt stop with just an apology there would be other serious consequences. They need to just stop those "alerts" The one for the girl was broadcast every 5 minutes starting at about 11:00 pm. and lasting for about an hour. Not likely that it did any good. Why put it on tv. When I am home I am not likely to see them when I am inside. Boardcast it on the radio and catch people who are out and driving on the road. Broadcasting it 12 times within an hours time is more than enough. Finally just turned the tv off. Then found out the next time it was all a hoax.

  • beach2011 Jun 3, 2013

    So glad he is OK and I am glad to see his mom made him accountable. Does not happen very much!

  • airengr Jun 3, 2013

    I had the same initial impression, goncampn2. But good for the mother who demanded that her son do the right thing. Parents need to stand up to their teens. A lost art.

  • goncampn2 Jun 3, 2013

    WRAL your headline implies the people doing the searching apoligize to the mother and only after I read the story did I understand the mother wanted her son to apoligize. You should choose your words wisely instead of always creating controversy!

  • RM24 Jun 3, 2013

    Good to see the apology she was looking for came from the child.

  • Terkel Jun 3, 2013

    First, the "little girl" in the other story is 10 years old and not a "little girl."

    Second, since when is the ubiquitous ADHD a cognitive impairment?