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Durham Task Force to Visit Murder Victim's Neighborhood

Posted April 3, 2008

— The Project Safe Neighborhoods Task Force will canvass the Durham neighborhood of a murder victim on Thursday evening.

Skye Moniqua Lee, 18, of 3628 Keystone Place, Apt. 8-B, was shot and killed on Sunday night at her Oxford Manor apartment. She lived there with her 10-month-old son. The boy was not hurt.

Cory Jiggets, 19, of Fidelity Drive, was charged with murder in Lee’s death. He was being held this week without bond in the Durham County Jail.

Investigators believe the motive was domestic. Jiggets was the father of Lee's baby, and he had been ordered to stay away from her following a December assault, police said.

The task force’s goal is to gather more information about the death and provide residents with information about the crime.


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  • ice cream Apr 3, 2008

    My heart breaks for that little boy - think of the obstacles against him now. His mom is dead, his dad will be in prison (or executed) for murder. Only 10 months old, and life has already hit him so hard.

  • iron fist Apr 3, 2008

    Oxford Manor is and always has been neglected by management, city officials and number one by the residents. They seem to have no pride in their homes. A little work by all residents of OM could clean up the neighborhood. Filth just breeds more filth. I am not talking about the people I am talking about all the trash on the ground. But even cleaning up would not have prevented this young woman from being killed. The neighborhood had nothing to do with that. Only one person to blame.

  • iron fist Apr 3, 2008

    fatchanceimwrong have been reading or listening to the news lately or do you just have select hearing, Raleigh has had it share of murders this year. Undesirables are everywhere. Durham just get more press when crimes are committed. I have lived in Durham since 1979-1980 and have not had any problems. Cannot say the same about the time I lived in Raleigh. I moved from Durham to Raleigh due to my wife working in downtown Raleigh for the state, as quickly as she got a job in RTP we moved back to Durham.

  • freedomrings Apr 3, 2008

    I hope WRAL lets me post this because it's the truth seen through my eyes.

    I was working as a manager with a company contracted to provide lawn maintenance for the Durham Housing Authority. Oxford Manor, where the young woman lived was the WORST out of all the communities. It was filthy, garbage everywhere. Condoms, bloody rags, bottles of what looked like urine, pieces of hair weaves. All the other communities were far cleaner and I had no trouble with the managers. I could never get a a a hold of the manager at Oxford Manor.I brought safety concerns to her attention many times, but she never returned my emails or phone calls. Children sitting outside by themselves in dirty diapers. One of our laborers requested a transfer and refused to work there after he worked at Oxford Manor.

    The sad this is I fear nothing will change. It would be different if they were rich and white. We still have a long way to go. All are not treated equal.

  • needmocash Apr 3, 2008

    Durham has to do something to show they are "engaged" after the very obvious and detailed focus on Ms Carsons murder with hardly nothing on the two Minorites who were killed before her.

  • fatchanceimwrong Apr 3, 2008

    Durham doesn't need a useless crime task force. They need military assistance. The only way to fight crime now in Durham is with armed military patrolling the high risk areas. The only problem is that over time this will drive the undesireables into Raleigh, Chapel Hill & othe surrounding towns. At least as it is now, the problem citizens are confined to the Durham area, so authorities at least know where they are. I say bring in the military. The leaders on Durham have proven for years that they cannot handle it themselves.

  • Sidekick Apr 3, 2008

    'Task Force'. How is this organization funded? Probably a state mental health program. Maybe they should think about being a little pro-active.