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Durham schools hope to use federal funds for iPads

Posted November 17, 2010

— Durham schools expect to get $4.5 million to spend over four years from a federal program aimed at helping struggling schools.

North Carolina was one of nine states to win a "Race to the Top" grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

The state is getting $400 million to improve teacher quality, student performance and career preparation.

The 26-member Education Transformation Commission is studying the best ways to use the federal funds. 

Durham school officials said they plan to spend the money to help low-performing schools.

The district also wants to buy iPads for some schools and work on teacher development.


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  • anne53ozzy Nov 18, 2010

    I have to wonder if there is a PAC wherein Apple gives money to the federal government....Betcha that one is true.

  • genralwayne Nov 18, 2010

    Once again, stupidity in power raises its ugly, ugly head. Don't give teaching incentives, enhanced study materials, new books and such. IPads are the answer! If it weren't for the gun at my head, I'd stop sending these common-sense-challenged individuals my tax dollars.

  • old and in the way Nov 18, 2010

    Fire the principals and buy Ipads. Who thought of that Steve Jobs?

  • Pseudonym Nov 18, 2010

    Future 10th grade schedule:


    1st period: Angry Birds 101

    2nd period: Facebook 115

    3rd period: Special lecture series featuring Steve Jobs: "Why Jailbreaking Your iPad is Wrong and the Makers of RedSn0w and Cydia will Burn"

    4th period: Budgeting for App Store Purchases


    5th period: Upgrading your iPad to the latest iOS

    6th period: Study hall, allowing time to surf the Web

    7th period: Texting 101

    Go home to play on real computers

  • Pseudonym Nov 18, 2010

    Nice to know they're not using tax money on anything stupid!

  • stthomp67 Nov 18, 2010

    Maybe Durham should use the money for parental education.
    Children in low performing schools get taught as well a child in a high performing school, but they don't get the home training needed to succeed like higher performing children

  • ncscented Nov 18, 2010

    Cutting bait with all administrators is long overdue at low performing schools, with the exception of Lowes Grove. New teachers and second career teachers bring in a higher bar than the exsiting staff who at most of these school, are in it for tenure and pensions, not teaching. Hopefully the new Superintnedant can see through the muck and do what is right by the students. Ipads actually are a 21st century learning tool however, not in the present environment. It isn't technology alone that grows students. It is the dedication, hard work, and planning on the teacher's part who creates engaging lessons and learning activities that grows students. For those who do not reach the bar, get rid of them and those who allow them to stay in a classroom.

  • gingerlynn Nov 18, 2010

    Oh and of course the Ipads are manufactured in CHINA!

  • crysta2k2 Nov 18, 2010

    Ughhh, we need Jeffery Canada to intervene on the State of NC & DPS, ASAP. Apparently we're "Waiting on Superman" and he's coming with IPADs for all the kids! I'm predicting this is not going to end well....

  • exposure102 Nov 18, 2010

    Huge budget cuts are on the way and teachers are going to lose their jobs, and backwards Durham wants to buy some trendy Apple products?!?