Durham school board: State budget 'limits' educational opportunities

Posted August 23, 2013

Wake County budget could affect schools

— The Durham Public Schools Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution Thursday opposing the state education budget passed in July by the General Assembly. 

Citing a commitment to "academic excellence, technological innovations, social responsibility and life-long learning," the board laid out four reasons why the 2013-15 state budget hurts the education system in North Carolina. 

School system leaders said the budget limits educational opportunities for students by "eliminating funding for teachers, instructional support and teacher assistants." NC Budget More info: 2013-15 North Carolina Budget

They also questioned the budget's impact on the state's ability to attract and maintain new teachers and teachers who hold master's degrees. Under the state’s budget signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory last month, North Carolina’s teachers received no raises.

"The most recently passed state budget hinders the Pre-K-12 preparation of students for a successful post-secondary transition into the workforce so that North Carolina might compete in the global economy," the board said in its resolution. 

Other groups have also been critical of the budget in recent weeks. Several groups rallied outside McCrory's office Aug. 15, accusing him and Republican legislative leaders of misleading the public about the budget.

Peggy Raymes, principal at Margaret Willis Elementary School in Cumberland County, recently penned a letter to McCrory questioning the raises given to young staffers who worked on McCrory's campaign.

Raymes posted the letter to McCrory on NC Policy Watch – a website maintained by the progressive, nonprofit North Carolina Justice Center – and it went viral. 

McCrory has responded to complaints about the budget several times in the last month, often pointing to Medicaid cost overruns as the reason why teachers won't receive a pay increase.


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  • Bob3425 Aug 26, 2013

    "Durham Public Schools Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution Thursday opposing the state education budget passed in July" so instead of spending time and resources on something productive this is what they do? The state has only so much money and schools aren't the only thing they have to worry about. Police, Fire, EMT , Water and Waste.

  • seankelly15 Aug 26, 2013

    Thatguyagain - " You will find this (copied verbatim): "Union representing teachers in the state. Affiliated with the NEA." "

    Uhh... that statement appears when you Google (under the hyperlink), however I want you to find where that statement appears ANYWHERE on the actual website.

  • bitsayjimlarson Aug 26, 2013

    Here's an idea - why doesn't Durham just tax some of that wealth on the Southwest side of the city/county and supplement the salaries of its teachers if it thinks they are underpaid?

  • CharmedLife Aug 23, 2013

    ..."Get rid of the income tax exemption for children."...superman

    You don't have kids, do you?? That exemption is what helps me to pay for my child's summer care, back to school gear, and help provide basic necessities. Do you want to help me pay for all of that?? I don't think so. And before you start screaming and accussing me of being a welfare receipient, let me say that I do NOT receive ANY type of welfare. I have medical, dental & vision insurance that both me and my child are on, I pay my own bills, and buy my own food. So any help you may decide to offer in lieu of that tax exemption you want to get rid of, hit me up why don't ya.

  • keithjinnc Aug 23, 2013

    It’s not a “Union”; it’s the “North Carolina Association of Educators” or “NCAE”, which is basically a Union on steroids! They boast on their website about being the “advocates” of educators…… Just like The Lone Ranger & Tonto were advocates for victims of injustice! LOL They are a powerful bargaining tool for teachers who love throwing their weight around and making demands!

  • keithjinnc Aug 23, 2013

    Another reason the school budget in Durham is not balanced could be who is in charge of keeping it in check! Throughout his career it seems the Superintendent; Dr. Becoats, has not had any problem with misusing the schools resources for his personal gain. Left Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system in 2004 while being investigated for misappropriating school resources and just recently reprimanded for using an activity bus to take his family and friends on an outing to South Point Mall. Must be nice!

  • ThatGuyYetAgain Aug 23, 2013

    Er, no offense davidk_at_unc, but have you ever heard of the NCAE? Google them. You will find this (copied verbatim): "Union representing teachers in the state. Affiliated with the NEA." They have a lovely headquarters building on prime real estate in downtown Raleigh.

    So davidk, can you tell us again who doesn't get it?

  • keithjinnc Aug 23, 2013

    So tired of all the “schools need money” articles! Durham County Schools is one of those education systems that have had fat budgets and loose purse strings for years! It’s funny how you can drive a few blocks down the road and Wake County Schools didn’t have any problems recently filling 700 teaching positions. Maybe Durham should start managing their funds better and do like all of us across the state and nation have had to do and cut back on expenses. I can comfortably say that all of us over 30 years old went through school without a teacher’s assistant or a bus picking us up at our front doors. And before you start attacking me, yes, I do have three children in High School, and none of them have any idea what a teacher’s assistant does either!

  • ThatGuyYetAgain Aug 23, 2013

    Oh please, please! "Academic excellence, technological innovations, social responsibility and life-long learning?" WHERE? We've been fed these tired old cliches all our lives. I know why people in the education industry keep reciting them - those people have their hands out. Those of use who pay the bills have had enough. Maybe when all these teachers move out of state per rarneil we'll hear less greedy whining. Not holding my breath.

  • davidk_at_unc Aug 23, 2013

    "archmaker - we are tired of funding the teachers union and other nonsense for education." -- johnnyplusthree

    Well johnny, it's a sure bet that any education funding every spent on YOU was most assuredly wasted! No matter how often you've been told every time you bring this up, or by how many people, you just don't seem to be able to comprehend that there is no teachers' union in the State of North Carolina!