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Durham's Water Supply in Good Shape, City Says

Posted July 6, 2007
Updated July 7, 2007

— Despite the lack of significant rainfall over the past several months, water sources in Durham are at adequate levels for the current demand, the city said Friday.

The city’s Department of Water Management said the city's two water-supply lakes, Lake Michie and Little River Lake, are a few feet below full and have a 163-day water supply if the region experiences no additional rainfall this summer.

But residents are urged to use water wisely and reduce and eliminate unnecessary water use.

The city remains in Stage I of its conservation ordinance. Water conservation tips are available at the Department of Water Management's Web site.

Rainfall measurements taken during the last two months show that North Carolina communities have received about 50 percent of their normal precipitation for this time of year.

All 100 counties of North Carolina are experiencing either abnormally dry conditions or a moderate, severe or extreme drought.


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  • Bon Viveur Jul 9, 2007

    well when your online name is 4drm, my question is how long have you been a member of that rabid watchdog group Durham Image Watch, which has nothing better to do than try to put out fires regarding Durhams much deserved seedy, sordid, and dangerous reputation. These are not small fires you have to put out. Durhams negative reputation is a full fledged conflagration, and there isn't enough water in Durham to put out THAT fire.

  • 4drm Jul 8, 2007

    My, my Darius. It's a darn good thing you do not live in Durham. It's not for everyone, and thankfully, you realized it wasn't your cup of tea and chose another community in which to live.

    All I can say is that if you are really concerned about water quality I hope you don't live in Wake County. Remember that over 8 million gallons of raw sewage spilled (in Cary) last summer and flowed into Swift Creek, Lake Wheeler and others.

    I wouldn't want to water MY petunias with THAT!

    Thanks, but I'll take Durham any day of the week...and proud of it!

  • Bon Viveur Jul 7, 2007

    I've made plenty of visits to the Bull City, or should I say " Full -of -Bull -City. Full of Bull in that its rabid cheerleaders keep TRYING to convince people that all the crime, boarded up old shacks, burnted out crack houses and corrupt politics don't exist there. But I must admit, Durham has a great new Jail, in fact its the best building in town and dwarfs all the other building projects for miles...Just don't live too close, you never know who might break out.

  • gscooley Jul 7, 2007

    Having just stumbled on to this site, I'm totally amazed at the degree to which the posted comments ignore the "rules for online behavior" outlined here. I simply don't get it. What satisfaction comes from a steady stream of Durham bashing? Couldn't this time be better spent making a visit to the Bull City? Last night, just for example, one could have been entertained (free of charge)at all or part of the following: blues at West Village, more music at Brightleaf AND the beautiful American Tobacco Complex plus beautiful fireworks at the DBAP. All this within less than a one mile area and surrounded by many great restaurants and easy parking. The Eno Festival is in full swing and so is the American Dance Festival and, of course, the Durham Bulls. Get over the potholes -- they're in every community; and Durham's water is A-OK. The lead found was in an isolated area and has been dealt with. Give Durham a break! Give me a break!
    Pro Bull City

  • Bon Viveur Jul 7, 2007

    People in Durham, LOVE to throw the " racist" word around. You are correct, several postings were indeed removed at the insistance of the folks at Durham Image Watch. But what exactly is racist about a reference to " malt liqour"? I really didn't know that alcohol had a race. Now tying Durham together in the press with alcohol may not be attractive, but it certainly can't be construed as racist, but of course any negative about Durham is labeled that by Durham Image Watch so that they can have the offending post yanked down. These folks have the very same mindset at the infamous "Duke 88".

  • Bon Viveur Jul 7, 2007

    You know what? If I had mistakenly moved to Durham and was stuck with a drop in property values, or if I was hired to work for the Durham visitor's bureau so that I could nag every TV station or newspaper that ever said a negative thing about Durham, then I might be a Durham Cheerleader too. But in reality all you are doing is preaching to the choir. People know what Durham is like and the word has been out a long time that when you think of Durham you think of Durham Murder, Durham Rape, Durham Robbery, Durham Welfare and Durham Race issues. Those are the cold facts and like every stereotype they are based on fact. I bet if reyn Bowman moved to Detroit he would try to make it look like Paris in the eyes of the press. Well, good luck, as far as Durham is concerened, the story is already told, and it's a sad sad tale. PS: Lock your doors

  • JessGH Jul 7, 2007

    I forgot to mention my nonexistent case of lead poisoning. Both of my kids have been checked and are just fine, thank you. That after living in a 70 yr old house. If these incredibly tiny levels caused us all to stumble around slack-jawed, etc., then you should look to your elder relatives. Are THEY all dropping like flies from it? And who the heck has brackish water in this city? Did ya have a well or something? Uck.

  • JessGH Jul 7, 2007

    There were about four or five comments prior to my first one, and I seem to recall malt liquor and "who wants to live there?" were included. Not all were racist, so not sure why all were pulled. I may want to defend my city, however, everyone should be allowed to speak their mind. Personally, I've lived on the edges of Trinity Park for 12 years (not the best edge, not the worst) and have never seen or heard a shootout. My car has been broken into the same number of times my parents cars were in a tony Winston-Salem suburb, and I've never been mugged or threatened like everyone seems to think happens as soon as you cross the county line. I urge anyone moving into ANY city to research your neighborhood, but I love mine. Oh, and Murder Capital? Wow. There were 19 last year, and in a city this size, that's terrific.

  • gopanthers Jul 6, 2007

    Maybe Just Maybe Durham is the New City on the Rise since Rocky Mount hasn't been able to rise for 30 years.

  • goutytoe Jul 6, 2007

    In Durham you can get your lead poisoning slowly from drinking the water (and look at all the profoundly brain damaged individuals who live there to see those results), or get a bad case of lead poisoning all at once. Either way, you are leaving Durham.