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Durham Police to Crack Down on Violent Neighborhood

Posted July 2, 2007

— The Durham Police Department plans to launch a yearlong crackdown on neighborhoods with the highest rate of violent crimes, Police Chief Steve Chalmers said.

In an open letter to Durham residents, Chalmers said the department has analyzed crime trends over the past year to help determine the best use of resources. The department has used the information to focus on specific areas in each district for 90-day initiatives.

The data has pinpointed a two-square-mile area in Durham with the highest density of both violent crimes and “shots fired” calls. The police department and other city agencies will concentrate their efforts on the area over the next year, Chalmers said.

"We used crime analysis to choose the area where we believed we could make the most difference by using intervention, prevention and enforcement strategies. We want to be proactive in our policing approach, rather than reactive," he said.


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  • Felton23 Jul 3, 2007

    Some of you are hilarious. No one is telling anyone anything. Some of you are also giving "criminals" too much credit. Yeah, they do change some of their habits, but what we find in our city, is that they are primarily creatures of habit and very territorial and geographical. Police departments are realizing, use the data to your advantage, be proactive, use your resources as best as possible. There success in long term reduction of crime in these areas will be if they can get other city departments to do their job (code enforcement, neighborhood empowerment, planning, parks and rec, city council members), police can't do it all. We can arrest people, but we need help. Also, the courts have to be a factor. Judges have to work with the police, to put a way your big time violent offenders and drug offenders, and rehab those that can be rehabed. It shouldn't take a city's Drug Enforcement Unit 20 buys from one house just to get the house vacated or the tenants removed.

  • mindlessfa99it Jul 3, 2007

    Well I sure have given them more than enough shot's fired calls... I hear them all the time all around my house. Out front back behind... Everywhere. And I have yet to see the Durham PD even step up patrol's a little.

  • yeahright1 Jul 3, 2007

    Too late Gopanthers - Look at all the current crime in raleigh. They are headed there in droves.

  • gopanthers Jul 3, 2007

    Scarecrow cow - Just as long as they don't relocate to Raleigh.

  • Scarecrow Cow Jul 2, 2007

    GOOD. Not all criminals are illiterate, but many of them are stupid. Hopefully the police will catch a good number of them before they figure out it's time to relocate.

  • turkeydance Jul 2, 2007

    Gopanthers and montyburns got it right.
    just like Red Skelton "back in the day".
    he said:"i walked twelve blocks in Detroit,
    and never left the crime scene."

  • gopanthers Jul 2, 2007

    Now how are they going to crack down on the entire city of Durham. Do they have a large enough police force.

  • YippieKayYayMF Jul 2, 2007

    Hopefully this will help lower the crime rate.

  • NoTcOnCeRnEd Jul 2, 2007

    You know, it's amazing how stories like this are printed and publicized. Tell the criminals your plans like they don't read or watch the news. They react by relocating to another part of town or plan ways to keep up what they are doing from other locations until the DPD feels they have succeeded in what they set out to do and as soon as they start to slack up, boom, everything's back to normal. Stop publicizing plans to fight crime and just do it. All criminals aren't illiterate you know

  • olivedrabby Jul 2, 2007

    I am shocked that the police are now slightly more concerned with enforcing the law. Where have they been for the last two or three decades? Not complaining that they appear to be making an effort, but results are more important than PR. And remember, this technique has reduced crime in large cities, so it's not as tho' it's a mystery, except around here.