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Durham police report year-to-year crime drop

Posted May 5, 2009

The Durham Police Department reported an 8 percent reduction in crime in the first quarter of 2009 compared to the same period in 2008.

Crime for the first quarter was the lowest it has been in eight years. Police received fewer calls in five of seven crime categories.

Violent crime -- murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault – was down 30 percent, 147 fewer crimes, from 2008.


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  • hippygirl May 6, 2009

    tab580642 - too true!

  • G-man May 6, 2009

    Right, and who compiles these stats? The same person that looks bad if they are up and good if they are down.

  • Caveman93 May 6, 2009

    Maybe criminals realized that conceal carry permits are up 40% in Durham County??

  • lb27608 May 6, 2009

    @dml7009: Might want to consider actually reading the piece. These crime stats are for January-March of this year.

    @PaulRevere: Or, maybe there's just less crime. A change in the bail procedures apparently kept a lot people who were arrested last year locked up, instead of turning them back out on the streets.

  • tab580642 May 6, 2009

    Once again, explain why Raleigh's crime rates are up?? And for th clown that's so concerned about the 90% screaming "change", it's nice to know we were not alone because a heck of a lot of other people around the country & world were screaming the same thing!! Maybe you like being stuck on stupid and would've be happier with what we had in that other guy.

  • PaulRevere May 6, 2009

    Durham is a sanctuary city for illegals, and we're always told that illegals are too scared to report crimes for fear of being deported. That may explain the drop...or some of the criminals have moved to Chatham County.

  • DML May 6, 2009

    Two points,
    1) Crime is lower b/c 90% of the Durham population was running around shouting the word "change" for 25% of last year.
    2) I think they may want to crunch those numbers again.

  • tab580642 May 6, 2009

    I swear some people will never just except good news and call it good news without still being a jerk. I don't see any comments from "Tired" about the increase of crime in Raleigh. Maybe Raleigh is finally reporting what has been happening for years!

  • Tired of thoughtlessness May 6, 2009

    I guess this is a good thing. I am just hoping its not due to people moving out of Durham and taking the crime to other cities.

  • Just the facts mam May 5, 2009

    Wonder why this is? I thought everyone was saying crime was going to go up due to hard times caused by the recession. Maybe Durham is deciding to crack down on criminals - that would be an obvious way to improve the crime rate.