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Woman seriously injured in Durham shooting

Posted July 1, 2014
Updated July 2, 2014

— A 48-year-old woman was seriously injured late Tuesday in a shooting at 1306 Camden Avenue, Durham police said Wednesday. 

According to investigators, the woman was injured at about 10 p.m. when someone fired shots into an apartment. Her name was not released, but she was taken to a local hospital for the treatment of serious injuries. 

No arrests have been made. 


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  • Tommie Chavis Jul 2, 2014

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    This is where your argument holds no validity. More so when I support my right to have a gun. Yet you come along and waste your chance to have an articulate honest debate about gun violence in America not pool drownings. Seriously!!

  • Luke Pool Jul 2, 2014

    You do realize law abiding citizens kill also using guns or a weapon of their choice right?

    — Posted by Gidder Dun

    They also kill with cars and swimming pools.

  • iron fist Jul 2, 2014

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    Along with Raleigh and every other city in the US But I do agree with the breaking news. WRAL and other local news use breaking news to often they use it for yesterdays news.

  • ohbumr Jul 2, 2014

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    that they do, like when some lunatic breaks into their home while they're sleeping because they have to get up and go to work in the morning.

    law abiding or not, when you murder someone whether it be a gun or other weapon, it is a case of parents failing their children. i was taught killing was wrong growing up, so i dont go around murdering people because they look at me wrong or wear a different colored bandana in their pocket.

  • Tommie Chavis Jul 2, 2014

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    Not sure how anyone would take your post racist when it is not racist. I agree but that also goes both ways not just for gangs and drug dealers. I personally know of so called "Law Abiding" citizens who on the side sale guns illegally to bypass the background checks & laws that are in place to prevent this kind of access. At the sake of those who decry and say you are taking my 2nd amendment right away tell me how making it harder for the bad guys to get access is taking your right away. If you have nothing to hide why object to more back ground checks?

  • Tommie Chavis Jul 2, 2014

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    You do realize law abiding citizens kill also using guns or a weapon of their choice right?

  • rickandlinda88 Jul 2, 2014

    if my post was racist.(don't think so)..then let the chips fall where they may..our society is too caught up in labeling everything.i just try and tell the truth..drugs and gangs that sell them are making durham a very unsafe place to live..citizens must and will,one day,take this city back from those who have ruined it..

  • 678devilish Jul 2, 2014

    Not safe in our own homes/apartments any more. A new age we all are living in.

  • 68_dodge_polara Jul 2, 2014

    Not a great part of town.

  • rickandlinda88 Jul 2, 2014

    good ole durham..round up the usual suspects..ie..gang members aka drug dealers..