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Durham Police Find No-Show Inmate in Motel 6

Posted June 15, 2007
Updated June 16, 2007

— A work-release inmate who never returned to the Durham Correctional Center after work Friday was taken into custody early Saturday.

Vernon Burnette, inmate number is 0057838, was expected back from work at 5:30 p.m. Friday but never showed.

Police found him at about 4:30 a.m. at a Motel 6 off U.S. Highway 70 near N.C. Highway 98.

Burnette is serving a sentence for being a habitual felon. He has had breaking-and-entering charges and robbery charges mainly in Franklin County.

He is supposed to be in prison until March 2009, according to Keith Acree with the Department of Corrections.

Because he is in the work-release program, he is not necessarily considered dangerous. Authorities did not have any information Saturday morning concerning his prison status.


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  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Jun 18, 2007

    Cyn, Wesleyes and 2Amanda, thank you for some reasonable and intelligent comments.

  • renesbmw Jun 18, 2007

    people that get a second chance sometimes just don't get it........if you get a chance to be on that type of program, just follow the rules. whatever.

  • Rabid Wolf Jun 17, 2007

    Knock Knock
    Who is it?
    Room Service!

  • gopanthers Jun 17, 2007

    rainy39 - You are so correct. I just don't understand people like this.

  • rainy39 Jun 17, 2007

    gopanthers, from the LOOKS of him he could care less about getting out! I mean if he cared at all he would have did what he should have and lived up to doing the crime, paying the time.

  • gopanthers Jun 17, 2007

    How can anyone be so stupid to be put on work release and then blow it for not returning. Geeez what an idiot. Now he'll have to stay in Jail 24/7. And March 29 2009 he probably would of walked away a free man. Dumb! Now they will tack on more time to his sentance.

  • 2AMANDA2 Jun 17, 2007

    cyn- well said.

    joker - let me clarify a few things for you. inmates who work at their facility do not get paid much. those fortunate enough to be on work release get paid at least minimum wage and can amass a lot of money. they DO send money home for their families and children if they have it. inmates on work release have a large part of their check AUTOMATICALLY withheld for savings. inmates DO NOT have a choice in working. if they are physically able, they HAVE to work. they do not work for food, most for no more than $1.40 a day (which only comes out to $7). Having a job does take days off of their sentence until they reach their minimum. a lot of inmates have friends and family that put money into their accounts, etc.,so that also aids them to send money home.

    hope this helps you to know more about what you speak....
    a corrections employee.

  • floyd_lawson Jun 17, 2007

    Since he was already considered "habitual" what is he now? The prison system needs to toughen up on violent and habitual offenders. It can be a lot cheaper than playing their games and send out a message at the same time.

  • ladyblue Jun 16, 2007

    Motel 6 we leave the lights on. He should have gone to a motel that the lights were out. He could hide better.

  • Yelena Jun 16, 2007

    Why are they letting convicts out in the first place?Sending home money to thier families?? Part of the anguish of prison should be knowing your family is suffering because your a screw up. Should they be paid a fair wage? Yes. Should these people be forced to pay for what the state expends each year to take care of them? YES. Personaly, I think that when they are released from prison, they should have to surender part of thier paycheck each week to pay the system back. No job? Perhaps we should make employment part of the conditions of release. No job after 3 weeks, back in prison.