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Durham officer charged in wreck

Posted December 7, 2010

— A Durham police officer was charged Tuesday with running a red light following a collision with another car, police said.

Officer L.A. Harvey was responding to a report of a breaking and entering in progress on Washington Street at about 8:20 a.m. when his patrol car hit the driver's door of a 1993 Cadillac on Roxboro Road at the access road to Interstate 85, police said.

Harvey's patrol car had its blue lights and siren on at the time of the collision, police said.

The driver of the Cadillac, Avery Hunt of Durham, was charged with driving with a revoked license, having no insurance, using a fictitious registration and having an unregistered vehicle, police said.

Paramedics checked both drivers at the scene, and neither was taken to the hospital. Both vehicles sustained significant damage, police said.

The incident was the second time in the last week that an on-duty Durham officer was charged in connection with a wreck.

Last Thursday, Officer Kevin A. Stewart was charged with driving while impaired and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. The charges stemmed from a rear-end collision on Fayetteville Street.

Stewart was fired on Friday.


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  • ajfuddermukker Dec 7, 2010

    If he was running lights and siren, then shouldn't he have had the right of way? Besides that, it is the responsibility of the stopped vehicle to make sure no traffic is coming before opening the door!

    At that is what I was told when I opened my door and had it removed by a moving vehicle!

  • kodac31 Dec 7, 2010

    Its really hard to imagine why ANYONE would want to go into the profession of law enforcement. If you dare do the least little thing that "in others uninformed opinions" are "not right" or "done wrong" you will have your life destroyed by the media. WRAL is the king of destroying law enforcement officers lives, they love to slander and trash them at every oppurtunity. Frankly, its disgusting.

  • ncmedic201 Dec 7, 2010

    RMPD lost an officer a couple of years ago because of a similar situation. It is frustrating when drivers don't pull over or stop but at the same time it is our job to make sure that we have a clear intersection at all times. I am concerned about the citizens but more importantly I am going to make sure I go home to my children after every shift. Sometimes employees are used as an example to other employees to stress the importance of these policies and I'm sure this was the case. I'm glad everyone was ok in todays incident.

  • thweave Dec 7, 2010

    Watch emergency vehicles in Raleigh for a while. EMS usually stops(or almost stops)if they have to go against a red light.RPD rarely even slows down.

  • godnessgracious Dec 7, 2010

    I just want to add that, the officer could have done worse here. He hit that other vehicle in the worst spot and the driver still lived, so I hope they do give some leniency as he could have been going much faster.

  • this is fdup Dec 7, 2010

    he had his lights and siren on and he was still charged? Maybe we expect them to walk next time they respond to a emergency. What a sad PC world we live in

  • godnessgracious Dec 7, 2010

    "Emergency vehicles are required by general statute to use due regard when driving. We can go thru red lights but if a car has a green and does not stop then we must still give them the right of way. To go thru a stop sign or signal light that is red without stopping first is dangerous and most agencies have policies against it."

    Thank you. Sometimes its not that the guy was ignoring the emergency vehicle, maybe you just don't see it. That is why the cop has been charged. He should have reduced speed enough at a red light to avoid this accident and he didn't. Its a bad habit and it could easily have gotten someone killed.

  • illegals--GO HOME Dec 7, 2010

    If the DA does as they do for all citizens in wrecks not having any injuries, usually any citation is dismissed once the insurance settles. They do it for citizens in general and I think they should do it for the officer as well. But, I bet he will be made an example of!

  • Journey985 Dec 7, 2010

    WhitPony...it's 2 to 2, RPD wrecked into the rear end of a vehicle earlier this year, he tried to blame the sun remember..LOL But funny one there!!, Oh and you left out the SHP....they are in the lead!!! Including the deaths of those 2 innocent people for the "alleged" speeder!

  • dogluv3r Dec 7, 2010

    Responding to a call, with lights and sirens, why was he charged with anything? I don't understand. Am I missing something here?