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Durham mom loses custody during appeal

Posted July 7, 2011

— Two children who have been the subject of a very public custody dispute will be in the custody of their father, in Chicago, while he and his wife, Alaina Giordano of Durham, work out their differences.

After Judge Nancy Gordon ruled in April that the children would be better off living with their father, Kane Snyder, in Chicago, Giordano took her case to the court of public opinion, claiming on social media networks and in interviews that her diagnosis of breast cancer played into the decision.

Friends and doctors rallied to Giordano's cause and wrote letters in support of her appeal.

Chicago attorney Jeffrey Leving, who represents Snyder, says the judge's decision wasn't based entirely on Giordano's medical condition.

Giordano was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 while living in Pennsylvania. The couple moved to Durham in 2008 after Snyder was accepted to a master's program at Duke University Fuqua School of Business, according to court documents. They separated in January 2010, and Snyder moved to Chicago in August after receiving a job offer. The couple has not divorced.


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  • TomLynda Jul 8, 2011

    Amen cashworth1984. Tell it like it is. Right on!

  • cashworth1984 Jul 8, 2011

    how is this news? How about you cover something worth while like Lynn's Hallmark collecting donations to send recordable storybooks to our soldiers in Afghanistan. Oh yea, they're also sending greeting cards for the soldiers to use so they can send cards home to their families...this story far outweighs someone no one has ever heard of fighting for custody of their children...

  • bombayrunner Jul 8, 2011

    the justice system is under attack by our leftist government.

  • joeydirtwood Jul 8, 2011

    WHO CARES. This happens a hundred times a day all over the USA. THIS IS NOT NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OzzzMan Jul 8, 2011

    Do men have equal rights, to gain custody, of their own children. They don't and WHY?

  • Rebelyell55 Jul 8, 2011

    There would really have to be something wrong with both of these parents for the court to take them away from both parents. That rarely if ever happens.

    Happens more time than you think. If there is a family member who will take them, then they'll go that route real quick.

  • carolinamisty Jul 8, 2011

    @pheonixrising. I was under the impression from the news reports that she was staying in Durham because her cancer doctors were located here.

  • gordonbabe Jul 8, 2011

    I'm a mother... BUT when exactly did "I have breast cancer" become an automatic "therefore I get custody of the kids" rule? Common sense says that if he's the only one with a job then he should have custody of the child(ren). The best thing for her to do is concentrate on her health first. If she gets worse then she's not going to be much of a mother or a wife in this case... once she feels that she's better what will her excuse be then?

    This should never have played out in the "court of public opinion" anyway. It only makes the father out to look like the bad guy.

  • beachlvr0804 Jul 8, 2011

    Nancy Gordon......separate a Mother from her children....she has limited time with them and them with her..... You're not the brightest cookie in the cookie jar. I wonder if Nance Gordon has kids.......

  • kikinc Jul 8, 2011

    dollibug-Read the court ruling. It was based on all the instances she was NOT looking in the best interests of her children. She's not the saint she is being portrayed as. I was on her side until the true story came out. Now, not so much. Both parents had some questionable behavior, but he's the one still supporting ALL of them, including her.