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Durham may take over golf course

Posted October 28, 2011

Hillandale Golf Course in Durham

— A Durham golf course slated to close next Monday could get a second life if the city agrees to take it over.

Hillandale Golf Course is owned by a foundation affiliated with SunTrust bank, and bank officials want to unload the course because it has been losing money in recent years.

SunTrust had set an Oct. 31 closing date for the course unless a new owner could be found, but bank spokesman Hugh Suhr said Friday that the course wouldn't close for now.

City Manager Tom Bonfield said the City Council will discuss the future of the course at a Nov. 10 work session.

The owners of other local golf course have panned the idea of Durham taking over the course, saying they don't want to compete with a subsidized municipal course.

Bonfield also has raised questions about Hillandale's management contract with a Raleigh firm.


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  • elyhim2 Oct 28, 2011

    I have to agree, most folks are homeless because of choices they have made.

    As for a golf course? I don't know but I'd rather it not be developed because atm that is a losing proposition. and will take money away from other developments in the area. Why not greenspace? That neigborhood could use a public pool and waterslide, basketball courts and such like they have off Liberty street. Why have all the city parks in the lower income part of town?

  • Hip-Shot Oct 28, 2011

    So many golf courses are public and run by the cities. What is the harm? I used to play a lot of public courses, such as Wedgewood in Wilson.

  • ncmickey Oct 28, 2011

    1) What does a golf course have to do with buses??

    2) I ride Durham buses all the time. Very very rarely is the bus almost empty. Most of the time there are 10-30 people on every bus...

    3) Many municipalities run golf courses. This could be a big draw for Durham.

  • oleguy Oct 28, 2011

    I did some work very close to there, If you look in the creek you might just find some very interesting critters growing in the water... of the endangered type

  • ra8797 Oct 28, 2011

    If it doesn't remain a golf course the city should turn it into a huge green-space park reminiscent of Central Park in New York City. My worst fear is another Target or Walmart. The whole Triangle has enough of those already.

  • gingerlynn Oct 28, 2011

    as_400 you are absolutely right about the busses. They are free and empty most of the time. Especially the BULL CITYCONNECTOR funded by TARP. A friend of mine at Convention and Visitors bureau said they shrinkwrapped the busses in ads so the people on the street would not see them running empty. They just push the FREE and HYBRID and GO GREEN. Not the fact millions are being thrown away.

  • Been there once Oct 28, 2011

    Durham Co property taxes will go up next year so the city/county officials will have a place to play golf.

  • tamcapwral Oct 28, 2011

    This golf course is located in a prime location... smart rezoning could create wonders here.

  • as400_guru Oct 28, 2011

    zile1porkey, if this makes money for the city, then they should do it. If it loses money, they should not.

    Most ADULTS who are homeless are homeless because of the choices they have made in their lives. They are homeless by choice.

    BTW, shouldn't Durham shut down the FREE bus service and give that money to the homeless and hungry?

  • itom68 Oct 28, 2011

    Something needs to happen. Its sort of a Durham landmark-

    Get some folks together lets buy it