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Durham man wanted in two towns

Posted May 6, 2008

— Tyrese Lewis Wicker, 18, of 2901 Forrestal Drive in Durham, is wanted in both Durham and Sanford.

Wicker is believed to have been in a car that led police on a high-speed chase April 8 in Durham. After three occupants of the car fled on foot, sheriff's deputies recovered weapons in the car.

Wicker also faces armed robbery charges in Sanford.

Anyone with information on Wicker's whereabouts is asked to contact the Durham Sheriff’s office at 919-560-0880.


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  • knbwz May 8, 2008

    Tax Man

    i guess this is do to African American lack of values also!!!
    if he's guilty do his time, color has nothing to do with it..

    still in the 60's with your mentality

  • Tax Man May 6, 2008

    Need to try this man in both jurisdictions - convict him and sentence him to a long, active term! He has NO future except as a criminal - he obviously does not learn from his mistakes - so lock him up as a habitual felon for many, many years so we do not have to worry about him committing crimes in our neighborhoods.

  • whocares May 6, 2008

    I guess this is just another probation problem that goes unnoticed. He should have been in jail and then he could not have been in the car nor could he have robbed someone.

  • oftenbad May 6, 2008

    Luckily he isn't. His prior 2 chances on probation ended in REVOCATION. TAKE NOTICE JUDGES IN THESE COUNTIES!!!!!! 2 times on, 2 times failed. Send him to PRISON. Obviously he's wasting space as a free man!!!!!

  • chargernut69 May 6, 2008

    Gee, I wonder if he was out on probation?...