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Police: Towing scheme linked to Durham kidnapping

Posted June 14, 2013

— Durham police could close several cases with a single arrest. 

Terryon Lamont McEachin, 23, of 2307 Kristy Place, surrendered to authorities Tuesday afternoon. He is charged with obtaining property by false pretense and larceny of a motor vehicle in connection with 10 cars stolen and sold to salvage yards over the past few weeks. 

Police said McEachin scouted Durham neighborhoods looking for older-model cars in driveways. He spoke with homeowners about the possibility of buying the vehicles and then returned with a hired tow truck.

Instead of paying car owners, he allegedly towed the vehicles to local salvage yards, where he sold them for cash.

Police said also charged with two counts of kidnapping. Last Friday, police said, he tried to steal a car from outside a convenience store in the 900 block of Fayetteville Street without realizing two children were inside.

Both the car and the children were found safe and sound nearby.

Investigators said they don't believe the tow truck companies McEachin hired were complicit in the thefts.

Salvage yards and metal recycle companies may purchase vehicles in North Carolina without a certificate of title if the vehicle is more than 10 years old, but they must keep numerous records for those types of purchases.

Records linked McEachin to the recent string of thefts, investigators said.

He was in the Durham County jail Friday under a $245,000 bond.


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  • Rebelyell Jun 14, 2013

    once again the source of his opportunity--the 'dealer'--gets a free walk thank you local law enforcement. Just like the bus drivers that see thieves bring loads of stuff home to the projects every day, GUILTY AS SIN lock up the pawn shop owners and salvage yard managers that have stolen goods--the laws for them too.

  • Supie Jun 14, 2013

    If he has a tow truck he could have a legitimate contract to tow, repo, whatever. Now how much is he gonna make in the prison laundry? Didn't want to work stocking at BJs, Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes or Home Depot because it was indoors? Nothing more indoors than jail. Most jobs come with a management track to salaries with health insurance benefits. America is the land of opportunity.

  • Naysayer Jun 14, 2013

    Another example of our sad state of society. People not wanting to work and take care of themselves, they rather just take from others. Seems to be a re-occuring theme as of late across the boards.

  • oleguy Jun 14, 2013

    All my cars and trucks are over 40, some over 80, At least they are paid for, and they run well, also I can fix them. No computers, or engine check lights, No Inspection, However No AC, CD, PB, Cruise, Electric windows, well they do have 4/60 AC.

  • lumberman Jun 14, 2013

    Now does anyone here think this man has a nickel to pay any of the people he stole from back. He should go to jail for life. There is not much that is worse than a thief.

  • Six String Jun 14, 2013

    I see the headline has changed so that it now makes sense. Maybe someone out there is listening.

  • itsyoureternalsoul Jun 14, 2013

    Hopefully a long jail sentence will give him time to cook up a new scam.

  • rachel Jun 14, 2013

    I would think a car with a title should be able to be scrapped in NC without showing it- I can understand a car may not always have a title when it is older or it may a salvage title etc-but the tow truck driver should verify the person asking for the tow, owns the car- triple A does-and the salvage yard owner should also be able to run the vin # and find out if the person bringing it in owns it- I can get vin #'s just by going into the dmv site- why is it so hard for businesses to take the time to check for thievery?

  • MariAnn Jun 14, 2013

    Three fourths of the cars in our household can be sold for junk with no title??? If these cars are titled, like mine, there should be an easy way to run a vin number check to determine the owner. And a 16 year old told me recently about his experience of selling aluminum cans. Picture taken, photo id (driver's license) then the scrapyard couldn't give him his $3.00 check because he was under age. His father had to make another trip to retrieve the check for him! I think our legislature should take another look at the law if it's designed to prevent thefts. At least their identity checks may have lead to his capture. We shouldn't be discouraging honest recycling.

  • Six String Jun 14, 2013

    "Really? Worst headline ever. They don't teach that at journalism school anymore?---footflash"

    Agreed.This is one of my pet peeves, I'm afraid. Journalism schools must assume, incorrectly, that a person is competent in grammar and composition. It's not just here on-line, it's everywhere, even on live television. "Police chasing car this afternoon", and such as that. Maybe I'm picky, but appearing ignorant in print and speech seems to be in vogue these days.