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Durham man shot while washing his dirt bike

Posted August 28, 2012

— A 47-year-old man was seriously injured after being shot at a car wash, Durham police said Tuesday.

The unidentified Durham man told police he was washing his dirt bike at a car wash in the 1300 block of Avondale Drive on Sunday when he heard several shots fired about 10:15 p.m.

He was struck several times and taken to Duke Hospital.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 919-560-4582, ext. 29247 or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.

Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for information leading to arrests in felony cases, and callers never have to identify themselves.


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  • CharmedLife Aug 29, 2012

    People sure do have a way of throwing a simple question WAYYYYY out of proprtion!! LOL y'all have been very entertaining!! Thanks!!! :))

  • Scubagirl Aug 29, 2012

    "@noturordinary.....trying to see where Scubagirl was using harsh words. maybe you should be careful how you speak to people......you are close to a threat and that wouldn't be good. But then it just goes to show.
    t*atkinsntp" {{{hmmmmmm, cant' even type your screen name}}}

    Thanks. I was trying to figure that out myself last night, but of course it was after 8PM so couldn't comment, then this morning that particular comment was gone. If he thought MY comment was whatever he said, then he needs to get off this site that's for sure- :)

  • CraftyMo Aug 29, 2012

    @AtALost - I don't think I have ever read a more racist, elitist comment on TV5's website. How can you make the determination that the area where the crime occurred is where poor, lazy, unemployed people live? How can you speculate what parts of the story were left out of the news? Are you in law enforcement or just making more generalized conclusions? Raleigh's crime, including pedophiles, rapists and kidnappings has been escalating as of late. To keep Durham in a negative light TV5 has left a story up from Sunday so residents in Raleigh can feel safer. I grew up in N. Raleigh and am proud to call Durham my home. If you were to look at a crime map showing a mile radius of Raleigh near NC State and a mile of Durham where this crime occurred you would find both areas have elevated crime statistics. You may want to grasp at straws and argue the types of offenses are differing, I am referring to crime statistics. There are no crimes "better" than another. Crime is crime.

  • Classified Aug 29, 2012

    "NO GUNS = NO GUN CRIME" aknowlton1499

    NO GUNS = NO GUN CRIME = Naiveté in it's purest form.

  • exador7 Aug 29, 2012

    Well If you dont like my comments they certainly are not going to improve the problem by doing nothing.

  • twatkinsntp Aug 29, 2012

    @aknowlton1499.....let's see ....the criminals have their gun illegally. So if they outlaw guns only criminals would have them. Your argument makes no sense at all. So take my gun because I use it to defend my home against criminals then take it away so that only criminals have them. Wake Up!

  • readme Aug 29, 2012

    There are two conclusions you should NOT draw from this story: 1. it's the victim's fault for washing a bike at night. 2. outlawing guns would have prevented this crime. Both take focus off the real problems, which are that people want to commit these crimes, and that they are not deterred from doing them anyway due to our slack justice system.

  • AtALost Aug 29, 2012

    Of course it should be ok to wash your car after 10pm on any night. But with the economy, unemployment and general laziness, it's risky to do so in any area. But an area with a majority of poor people is like asking for trouble; fewer potential victims and more potential perps. Of course it doesn't explain why they shot him unless he was watching them more than his dirt bike, they left out the part where he was robbed or he's lying about what he was doing at the car wash.

  • ajh Aug 29, 2012

    Not that he need a reason to be at the car wash that late. He is a grown man and can go to the car wash anytime he want.

  • Aaaarrrggghhh Aug 29, 2012