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Durham man facing child exploitation charges found dead

Posted July 29, 2010

— A missing Durham man charged with sexual exploitation of a minor was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted wound on Wednesday evening, police said.

Michael Anthony Coleman, 48, of Bellenden Drive, was charged Monday with three counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

Coleman was found in Chatham County. Police did not say specifically where.

Coleman had been missing since Saturday.


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  • RTPLocal Jul 30, 2010

    Some of you folks should get a life.

    Charges do not equal actions or guilt. Have a look at the railroading of the Duke Lacrosse players. @wildcat this is especially meant as response to your last comment. This is the US, not Italy. Sometimes what appears to be is not.

    Unfortunately its unlikely we will ever know exactly what happened nor whether he was guilty or not. I doubt anyone other than his family would want to pursue this any farther.

    Either case, some of you folks need to look in the mirror. You appear to be as vicious as you claim he was.

    @artist yeah people do get depressed and do things like that. think the Lacrosse players mentioned before will ever be in a place where they don't have to worry about someone googling their names and judging them... an employer a fiance. Really?

  • mfox Jul 29, 2010

    I am ashamed and appauled to call all of you a part of the human race. This man is dead and you are all celebrating it. Nobody is blindly supporting anyone. It is about human compassion....this man felt so lost that he took his own life. I hope to God none of you are my neighbors, I would hate to live among you. You are all a bunch of judgemental hypocrites. Enjoy your glass houses while they last. @artist - you better pray noone ever accuses you of something so shameful because you are part of lynch mob until it is you they want to lynch.

  • kbow80 Jul 29, 2010

    Good that is one that taxpayers do not have to care for.

  • wildcat Jul 29, 2010

    If this man was so innocent, then why was he charged as guilty?

  • artist Jul 29, 2010

    "First of all, you are all the reason that someone would kill themselves over something like this"

    You are one of those pervert supporters, heh?

    An innocent man takes his life because of people like us?

    He was charged with a sex crime... only charged... and decided to take his own life instead of taking on the false charges.... and it's somebody elses fault?

    Murderers and rapists get out of jail all the time - because of people like you blindly supporting them without knowing any of the facts.

  • mfox Jul 29, 2010

    I have a comment for all of you lurkers on here making these horrible comments about this man. First of all, you are all the reason that someone would kill themselves over something like this, you are all so uncaring, this man has a family, he is someones son, God Forbid that any of you have a family member be accused of something like this. There is a great deal of shame associated with this type of crime and addiction. You are all perpetuating it. You are all showing your selves to be sick callous people. You don't know this man, how sad that he felt there was no other way to turn then to take his own life. Be careful what you say about the least of us, it could come back to haunt you. May this man rest in peace and may his family be given some comfort during this terrible time. And bear in mind he wasn't found guilty of anything...the stigma alone associated with this type of crime would be enough to make someone feel hopeless.

  • awomnsptofview Jul 29, 2010

    bullcity01...love your comments. You are right on it.!!!!

  • twc Jul 29, 2010

    It strikes a nerve with me that someone is dead because he fantasized over a picture he didn't have anything to do with creating. Kind of like getting caught with a "dirty book" back in the day.

    You're the one that needs to do research. Unless, of course, you really have never had anything but pure thoughts. Any of your fantasies illegal? Fantasy--get it?

  • Nancy Jul 29, 2010

    Well, there you go, a criminal smart enough to take himself out and we don't have to foot the bill.

  • bullcity01 Jul 29, 2010

    TO TWC-
    Did this hit a nerve with you? No this is not a "capital offense", but it is a class H felony according to NC law. You talk about the difference between molesters and voyeurs. Would you let someone watch your children bathe or change clothes for their own sexual gratification, just as long as they didn't molest them? This man either had images or videos of children engaging in sexual acts, he wasn't just thinking about it. He had to actively search and download child pornography. And just food for thought, thoughts often become actions especially where peodophiles are concerned. Do your research before you post ignorant comments in defense of those who put our children at risk.