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Durham man faces domestic-violence, kidnapping charges

Posted November 24, 2010

— A Durham man with a violent criminal history was arrested on assault and kidnapping charges early Wednesday afternoon by members of the U.S. Marshal Service Fugitive Task Force.

Durham police said that the charges against Randall Lee Bass, 27, of Colfax Street, stem from domestic violence incidents on Oct. 23 and Nov. 11.

Bass was charged with one count of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and two counts each of second-degree kidnapping, habitual misdemeanor assault and assault on a female.

Bass has four previous convictions for habitual misdemeanor assault and one conviction for attempted assault on a female, according to state Department of Correction records. He was also convicted of second-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to commit armed robbery in connection with the 2003 robbery of a convenience store on Cheek Road.

DOC records show that he served a little more than two years for the armed robbery conviction and about six months for the habitual misdemeanor assault convictions.


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  • dwr1964 Nov 25, 2010

    Maybe they should put this guy in a locked room with about 20 battered women and let them get a little of their anger out. Takes care of 2 problems. He dies and they get a different form of therapy.

  • lynddsy Nov 24, 2010

    has anyone looked at the sex offender records or some of the other offenders? some are sentenced to 3-5 and do only a few months. wth with this? then they wonder why they do it again!!

  • down2earth Nov 24, 2010

    Domestic violence laws in NC are a joke. The offender can still communicate with the victim regardless of being locked up or not. They are arrested numerous times on the same charges, stay in jail a few weeks (or months), get released, do the same thing, etc. The cycle continues. It usually ends one way - DEATH. I watched a friend go through this cycle before she ended up near death.

  • RB-1 Nov 24, 2010

    No respect for guys who beat women.

    Granny use to call them sissies. Don't know if they'll let me say that here or not.

    But they're usually fellows who are afraid to confront other guys, yet talk down and abuse women, usually while living in their own mom's basement.

  • tjhiggs68 Nov 24, 2010

    If he is such a threat to society, what in the heck was he doing walking the streets? Were they waiting for him to kill someone? Senseless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ccs1920 Nov 24, 2010

    This guy likes to beat women. If the DA would promise not to charge me, I would show this guy how it feels.

  • no1uno Nov 24, 2010

    I want to know why the DA's allow these things to be "misdomeanors". Littering is a misdomeanor...speeding is a misdomeanor...but beating and kidnapping and armed robbery too? Serves less than two years? Where in the constitution does it state that serious crimes can be misdomeanors? Oh that's right...its posted on the ballwash pole at the local golf course where the lawyers and the da's play, smooch, exchange monies (that came from the robbed convenience store)and make dinner arrangements.....

  • buckykatt020998 Nov 24, 2010

    Yeah, dare107. What you said.

  • rayh Nov 24, 2010

    another nice young man just caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time, 7 or 8 times, I guess

  • dare107 Nov 24, 2010

    Sounds like a big man that gets off from beating women?? Well maybe not a man, more like a wimp that can only beat on women!!