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Durham man accused of raping child apprehended

Posted February 22, 2012

— Police said Wednesday afternoon that they had arrested a Durham man accused of raping a child and other sexual offenses.

John Walter Ray, 56, is charged with two counts of first-degree rape of a child, one count of sexual battery and one count of taking indecent liberties with a minor.


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  • iknowmyschnitzel Feb 22, 2012

    Please enlighten us as to what removing the reproductive organs of repeat offenders would accomplish. I am interested in hearing your knowledge of sexual offenders.

  • snshine62d Feb 22, 2012

    ChrisW I guess you finally got lucky becuz they let this one through. Yea, I was trying to keep it PG so it would post. It is a shame that nothing more can be done.

    I think mandating the removal of the reproductive organs from a repeat sexual offender is the best idea posted yet. I mentioned it earlier but I'm 0/2 on getting comments past moderators today. I probably wasn't PC enough...LOL!

  • hmbear32 Feb 22, 2012

    I have been in counseling for years. going to a group called Celebrate Recovery. learning to breath correctly and try to 'let go' of the past and move forward is what is helping me. There is no totally getting over it, but in time, can learn how to deal and cope with it. and yes being in nature helps...listening to the ocean, being near fountains or waterfalls etc.

  • udaycoosay Feb 22, 2012

    In College Station PA that is not a crime.

  • nisa-pizza Feb 22, 2012


  • OneLove Feb 22, 2012

    He's NOW in custody!Trabman_san --- Yay! :)

  • Uhavenoclu Feb 22, 2012

    Thanks uhavenoclu...I was abused in all ways as a child and raped a few years ago again. Unless someone has been there, they have no idea what it is like. I was miserable for many years, but have recently started living my life again. No consequence is harsh enough for someone who does these kinds of things.

    Well said and good for you wish you the best,the hardest time is that first turn of turning your life around,like I said the emotional part is what does the damage and you have started to let it go,granted it won't happen over night,but the old AA saying applies to all points in life 1 step and day at a time.
    What helped me was I would go for walks and see all the beauty around in the trees,the water and the people,the little kids like me laughing and as I grew older it became a habit to look at the beauty,even in the bad times for there is always a light even in the darkest times for it is an experience to learn and maybe help others going through the same thing.

  • mjlt3 Feb 22, 2012


  • warbirdlover Feb 22, 2012

    I'm with Devilpride. Raping a child should be a Death Penalty offense.

  • penny for your thoughts Feb 22, 2012

    kikinc - Thanks! Ooops!