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Durham hotel damaged in fire

Posted November 15, 2010

— Authorities are trying to figure out what caused a Durham hotel fire on Monday evening.

Flames damaged units on the first and second floors of the Budget Inn, 2101 Holloway St.

Witnesses said they saw flames shooting out of the side of the hotel.

No one was hurt.

Investigators said they believe the fire was accidental.


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  • watchmewin Nov 17, 2010


    Raleigh per capita


    Durham per capita


    Notice the only instance in the crimes per capita where Raleigh has more of them is Aggravated assult... only 0.08 times more likely in Raleigh than in Durham. p.s thats 1 catagory out of 10 that raleigh has more crimes per capita.

  • freedomsforall Nov 17, 2010

    as I said watchmewin, per capita. Look it up.

  • BuglessDuster Nov 16, 2010

    Another meth lab up in smoke.

  • watchmewin Nov 16, 2010

    Freedomsforall we know you love Durham but that dosen't mean you can just ignore the facts and say durhams crime rates are actually lower.
    Raleigh's crime stats.

    Durhams crime stats.

    Just a side note Durham is safer than 4% of the cities in the US. Raleigh is safer than 12% of cities in the US.

  • freedomsforall Nov 16, 2010

    hey all you Durham bashers, look at your own cities, every one has an area that you would probably stay out of after dark. Durham's crime stats are actually lower than Raleigh's per capita. look at your own and stay away from my town, will suit me just fine!

  • anne53ozzy Nov 16, 2010

    The best use for this facility might be as a shelter for battered women or for the homeless. I do not think it is reasonable for someone who opeatates a "hotel" in this area to keep things up to standards that are safe or to monitor what goes on there. It has been a hotbed of issues for years.

  • cwood3 Nov 16, 2010

    Durham=war zone=no thank you!!! Clean it up-for everybodies good!!

  • ncguy Nov 16, 2010

    someones crack pipe catch on fire?

  • HEAFIE200 Nov 16, 2010

    Well, considering this hotel seems to be a place of constant attention from the Durham Police, it is a shame it didn't burn down, at least there would be no more problems.

  • djfann882002 Nov 16, 2010

    Probably arson.Durham seems to always make the news.