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Durham forces church to strike tents for homeless

Posted October 18, 2010

— City officials asked a Durham church to get rid of a tent encampment on church grounds for homeless people.

St. Joseph's Episcopal Church, at 1902 W. Main St., didn't have the proper permits for the encampment, and inspectors also planned to check the site for possible housing code violations, city spokeswoman Beverly Thompson said.

Inspectors began looking at the site after the Planning Department received a complaint about it, Thompson said.

The church could pitch its tents again if it submits an application for a special-use permit and a site plan for a homeless shelter and both are approved by city officials, she said.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Oct 20, 2010

    anti-Mako, can't you see that you've made yourself the martyr? Conservatives vote to remove programs that can prevent or reduce homelesses, that treat the mentally ill (many (40%) of homeless people are mentally ill)...and then...you tell us about how much money you throw at the problem.

    You're acting like the anti-birthcontrol people who talk about how much food they send to Ethiopia. Food. Not education or birth control AND food...but, just food.

    How about finding a cure instead of just treating the symptoms? Or, at the very least, how about just stop getting in the way of us who ARE trying to find a cure to homelesses?...or overpopulation?...or poverty? Etc.

  • devilblue Oct 19, 2010

    Charity starts at home. I give nothing to charities, churches, beggars, etc. I work hard for what I have and most of these folks that claim to be homeless aren't and those that truly are appear to be healthy enough to do some sort of work. Most want a hand out for nothing. They want the money but don't want to earn it. Lazy and unmotivated gets you nowhere. You make your own luck.

  • anti-Hans Oct 19, 2010

    MillerB - you asked me to show what the rep's have done for the poor.

    I would venture to say a lot more than the Dems. I personally have worked with homeless people and contributed financially to various programs across the area. I give over 10% of my income to charities or churches.

    Your esteemed VP, Joe Biden, over a 10 year period gave only $3690 total. That is less than 0.2% of his income. I give considerably more than that in a single year.

    Obama gave only about 1% of his income to charities from 2000-2004, when all of a sudden he realized a preseidential run would be on the horizon. Even then, still in the neighborhood of 5-6%.

    I know far more Reps giving both time and money than Dems. The dems talk about wanting to help, but actions speak louder than words (or donations).

  • jp11 Oct 19, 2010

    If these folks are breaking the law they should be arrested. If the city believes they are causing no problems and the business and neighbors have no problem then leave them alone after permits are secured.
    The church should get the permits, give these people work (even make-work) to keep busy or train them in something. The Durham Rescue Mission does this effectively.
    The church needs a set of rules on and off their property. Break them and you're gone.

  • RoyzDaMan Oct 19, 2010


    What is their good intention? To run all the local businesses off? To enable the hobos to do drugs on their property? To allow them to urinate in broad daylight? To give them a place to sit around, drink and fight? Nothing good goes on behind that church! these guys are nothing but trouble!

  • wildcat Oct 19, 2010

    WOW! A church with good intention but the town knock it down. Maybe instead of tents, the church could find a building for the homeless.

  • RoyzDaMan Oct 19, 2010

    Lets see if GOLO will post this comment, since they didn't allow a previous post from me.

    I own a business, next to this church. The city did the right thing. They SHOULD do more. They should force these bums to get help. The guys living behind this church don't want help. They are a pain in the local businesses sides.

  • blackdog Oct 19, 2010

    What really gets me, is that a Christian Church displays by deeds, the teachings of the bible showing compassion and charity, and people who would like to call themselves "Christians", protest what the church does.

  • blackdog Oct 19, 2010

    Some people are just too young to remember the 60's and the introductions of medicare. Perhaps they were absent from school and the history class. Or perhaps, they are just repeating the same things their grandparents and parents said...

  • lrfarms27572 Oct 19, 2010

    It is no secret that republicans and so called conservatives despise social programs. They don't want these tent cities reflecting what they did for the past decade. They don't want to face the realities of others or having to expose their children as they drive past them. Little children ask the tough questions, like, "Why are there people sleeping in tents, don't they have homes ?" -blackdog

    I take it you don't know too many real conservatives...

    i guess I could retaliate by saying we all know that liberals are homosexual, welfare recipiants, all involved gang warfare in the middle of town, who have never worked a day in their life...