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Durham family seeks answers after teen killed in drive-by shooting

Posted March 9, 2016

— A Durham family struggled with grief and unanswered questions Wednesday after a 15-year-old was killed in a drive-by shooting late Tuesday.

Cousins David Pounds and Timothy Stevens Jr., 25, were standing in the street the 1400 block of Maplewood Drive at about 10:30 p.m. when someone shot at them from a passing vehicle, police said.

Pounds, a sophomore at Northern High School, was pronounced dead at a local hospital, while Stevens was treated and released.

"My little class clown, sweet lovable boy," Joann Peaks said. "Everybody loved Day-Day. (He was) always smiling, always smiling, always smiling."

Pounds' older brother, Keshon Blue, a minister at a local church, is now planning to preach the teen's funeral.

"We just want to know. We just want to understand it," Blue said. "We really need to understand it."

Blue, 27, said he and Pounds were "night and day" – opposite in every way – but were the best of friends. He said it was difficult to come home Tuesday night to find police officers trying to resuscitate the teen in his front yard.

"They was working in the yard on my brother, pumping his chest," he said.

No arrests have been made, and police haven't released details on a possible motive or suspects. But investigators said the shooting doesn't appear to be random.

Blue said his brother didn’t have enemies.

"We're willing to pay for information. Just please come forth and let us know who did this to my brother because you got the wrong guy," he said. "David Christopher Pounds Jr. is not the guy you meant to kill."

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call Investigator M. Evans at 919-560-4440, extension 29336, or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.


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  • Dan Wilder Mar 10, 2016
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    Perhaps.... but Europeans are sheep. They put all their faith in their masters/ government to protect them. Not working out too well now that the "Muslim refugees" are taking over their countries raping their woman at will and destroying their culture. Their governments are doing very little to take control of the situation. In Germany street vigilantes had to form to protect the citizens. Fortunately the USA is not Europe and hopefully will never be. Criminals and gangs exist to violate the law, disarming decent citizens will not change that or their ability to obtain firearms. It only makes decent citizens more vulnerable.

  • Dalton Dickens Mar 10, 2016
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    Well Sibylle, we ain't Europe. Our founding fathers allowed private citizens to own firearms to protect, defend and even overthrow the Republic in case it gets so corrupt, that it's citizens can actually "do" something, rather than be mere sheep. It's not guns, but the revolving door of Justice in our country that allows folks with criminal behavior, back on the streets, quicker than the paperwork is done. Hitler banned all firearms via the general public, reason why it was a easy take over, then he moved to various countries in Europe, including France, did the same thing--then came knocking on England's door. Then us bloody gun toting Yanks come to the rescue, not once, but the second time and supplied the whole Allied force. Yea, keep your cricket stick in the closet, I'll take my 45 when baddies come knocking. Am sure no robbery, home invasion, suicide, rape, prostitution, drugs, drug dealers, happens in Europe.

  • Sibylle Lashley Mar 9, 2016
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    I'm from Europe, we are not allowed to own guns. Go online, there is very very rare instances of murder by gun or suicide by gun. Fact. I know it, I'm from there I watch the news from there daily. Sorry

  • Rob Dunham Mar 9, 2016
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    It's sad that a 15 year old was killed by yet another drive by, but I had to laugh about the family wanting answers. Answer number one: Why was he out on the streets at 1030 with a older person. Answer number two: Why hasn't Rev Barber or Al or Jesse come to your aid and demand justice (oh I forget they only come out of their holes when it is a white cop against a black person). You want solution to the issues in your communities how about calling out the so called black leadership to come out to the communities and start working with the young black men that are at risk.

  • Geneva Smith Mar 9, 2016
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    I'm sad for this 15 yr old child, may his family find peace someday. As for the killer, please find him and hopefully he will resist....

  • Doug Bogard Mar 9, 2016
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    When the punishment for the crime is not detering the crime, these killings grow.
    The punishment has to be equal to the crime.
    "Driveby" shooting have to have a sentance of death.
    Making an example of a "driveby" killer, may save a life.

  • Ron Coleman Mar 9, 2016
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    Why is a 16 year old hanging out on the street at 10:30 at night on a school night and with a 25 year old. One would think that his parents would care enough to have him in early for school the next day.

  • Brandon White Mar 9, 2016
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    Well put Norman. "Lib logic," is anything but. In the case if you have the ruthlessness to fire at two unarmed people from a car with the intent to kill, I would say you are not too afraid of any "laws." Ask Mexico how well their gun control laws are working out with disarming the cartels?

  • Norman Lewis Mar 9, 2016
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    To SIBYLLE: the "LAW" makes it illegal for a felon to own or buy a gun. I seriously doubt the criminal in this case had a concealed permit or purchase permit for the weapon they used to kill this child. What this person did is already illegal. Do you really think further restrictions on law abiding citizens would have stopped this crime? NO! A non-negotiable sentence for illegal possession of a gun may help but attempting to deny legal citizens the means of self defense would have in no way helped here. Don't you get it? Criminals do NOT abide by laws. More laws, restrictions, limitations would have, and NEVER have resulted in a reduction in crime and in fact, gun bans have ALWAYS resulted in increases in gun related violence since criminals like nothing less than a disarmed victim populace.

  • Sibylle Lashley Mar 9, 2016
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    How many more have to get killed till the law makes it very hard to option a gun??? Guess the lobby is to powerful and the US will remain wild Wild West.