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Durham eyes four-day work week

Posted July 25, 2008

— City officials are looking at possibly switching to a four-day work week in an effort to cut spending on gasoline and diesel fuel.

The City Council asked staff members Thursday to conduct a feasibility study on making the move, but no time frame has been set for completing the study or any council consideration of the move.

City vehicles use almost 63,000 gallons of gas and more than 39,600 gallons of diesel each month, and prices paid to fuel fleet vehicles have increased between 11 and 21 percent since last year, officials said.

Durham spent almost $2 million on gas and almost $1.4 million on diesel during the year ended June 30, according to city figures.


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  • superman Jul 25, 2008

    Nothing new about "flex-time" where you people been all your life? It has been going on for years.

  • bs101fly Jul 25, 2008

    wake county schools should do the same!

  • EZeegoing Jul 25, 2008

    Is that working four 10 hour days or cutting back to 32 hours a week with reduced pay ? Interesting.

  • DougWare.NET Jul 25, 2008

    My question is, if it's possible for them to work a four day work week; why are taxpayers paying for 5?

  • IdoNOTliveinDurham Jul 25, 2008

    Oldschool whose choice is it to work your job. You have to think who should be making fun of who ...

  • oldschooltarheel Jul 25, 2008

    baseballman - I want your job. I work 12 hour shifts which routinely stretch into 14 hours, 5 to 9 days in a row, with a week off. When I am working, there is no "break time"; in fact I often do not eat or use the toilet during that time. Really want your job... or maybe a Durham city/county position...

  • siriusvel Jul 25, 2008

    we have people that work for the city??

  • baseballman Jul 25, 2008

    it amazes me how everyone thinks that if you work for the city, state, county, federal government, or anyone else that you have to pay taxes to, that they don't work or have nothing to do. Just like durhamguys comment, would it have been better to drive the truck all the way back to the city garage, pick up his personal vehicle, drive back to the cable place, then drive back to the city garage, pick up the work truck and then go back to where he was working before, really. Think about it, them guys get breaks and lunches just like the rest of us, they should be able to do what they want on their time like the rest of us, actually i would rather them do things like that instead of wasting gas and time running back and forth.

  • SheriffTruman Jul 25, 2008

    Of course, I would suspect the vast majority of fuel for the city of Durham is burned by various public works and police vehicles which need to visit the same number of places regardless of how many days they are on the road.

    The only thing a 4 day work week would save is on the costs of employees driving to and from home each day.

  • thewayitis Jul 25, 2008

    No doubt about it, if the city switches to a 4-day workweek, services will decline. They're already bad enough as it is.

    And I can pretty much bet, that even if the employees are supposed to work four 10-hour days, that they probably won't put in all the hours, and will still be paid as much as they were before. I bet all the city employees are jumping up and down with glee...